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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brrr it was cold outside

When the weather outside looks like this....

its a play day inside. Did you know that cereal is excellent for pretend cooking? You can eat the pretend cooking without any harm.

Na Na's sewing room has lots of interesting textures to explore and imagine with.

Of course not any quilting got done. Mommie still had to work so she spent most of the day in her room on the computer while Ladybug and I entertained ourselves.

Today I'll work on the quilt that's on the machine and if I have time I'll work on the memory quilt some. I need to make a final decision on a design before starting to cut the clothing into pieces.

I have several emails to go through but I think the computer time will have to be very brief today. I won't take the time to visit blogs either. Hmm... I wonder if this is an indication I'm going back to old habits of putting quilting first and life second? Naw, I think I'm just using today to recover from no quilting yesterday. I also know I'll be gone from home Friday and I don't quilt on the weekends anymore. I think I just need to get done what I can today and leave the rest for next week.


Anonymous said...

Hi, wanted you to know that I've made 2 backward pieced blks and plan to make enough for a lap quilt. I like it very much. I have a 12 yr old wanting to make a quilt and I think I'll have her do that. She's made 2 small quilts with me b/4 in 4-H. I think she'll take right to it.........Jeanie in MO.

lw said...

In a way, you're still working on a quilt-- but this one is patched out of happy memories for Ladybug,and she'll have them forever.

Anita Estes said...

LW, I like that. A quilt of happy memories.

Jeanie, I'm so glad someone tried the backwards piecing and it worked for them. I'm curious, why do you piece one block at a time rather than chain piecing them all at once? I want to know so I can keep it in mind for future backward pieced quilts.

Anonymous said...

I did the 2 blks just to see how I liked it b/4 cutting out all of the blks at once. I just had to see right away how it was going to work. The remander will be chain pieced. Jeanie in MO
PS I love your quilting.