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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Andrew drew the roses

The next quilt went onto the machine. I got it stabilized and I'll work on the quilting Monday. I can't get much done with Ladybug home and wanting to use the machine every time I turn it on. Somehow I don't think toddler machine scribbles would work for the customer.

You know how I've told you each morning I work on things that are quiet until time for everybody to get up. Well, look what I've got done.

I told you the colors were going to be very wild. (smile) I used what I had.

Of course they would have looked better if I had some hand dyed fabrics but the cost was just too much. Maybe this summer I can take a class on dying fabric so I'll finally get a chance to use the dyes I have.

For some reason I really like the wild, wild colors.

Since it was a child's fantasy flower shouldn't they have fantasy colors too?

In the magical world of fantasy land nothing has to look real. Only a vague image of what it should be.

I have to think about a background before I do any more to these. Maybe something that will enhance the flower shape rather than the colors? Gee whiz.... I've got to stop creating new pigs (projects in grocery sacks) and get some quilting done! It's hard though. The new ideas keep crowding my mind and want to come out. My hands just can't keep up with my mind.... bummer.

Even if I never earn any money from art it's simply fun doing it!

(I give up trying to get blogger to behave and stop putting in too many or too few blank lines)


Anonymous said...

The yellow rose is my favorite of them all. You've been very busy! Are you in the middle of that big snow storm we hear so much about? Michigan is just very cold, still.

lw said...

Not sure what I'm looking at with the roses, but they're beautiful-- applique? Pre-applique? I love that they look like they're wind-blown, or maybe crossed with shirley poppies or irises.

Anita Estes said...

We got only an inch or so of snow. Lots of rain too. Now it's very cold.

The roses are turned edge and glued together, ready for machine applique at this point. I used liquid stitch to glue them together. I'll save the stitching for when I put these on the quilting machine. The original drawing was done by a child. Hmm... wind blown roses. I like it.