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Friday, February 5, 2010

Annual machine maintenance

I got the leaders of my machine washed and put back on. Now they are nice and white again. No more hand oil grundgies. Now to order some parts for it. O rings, bobbin brakes, oil, felt disks, etc. Then it will be good for another year except for the daily routine stuff.

I also did quite a bit of house cleaning. Let me tell ya, living with a very disorganized daughter is not easy. Today will be another ME day. My batting order didn't arrive but it should today. It's usually delivered in the afternoon. This morning I'm delivering my daughter's car to the shop. There's something going on with the engine causing it to die while driving.

My SIL will be here a little later for more working on her quilts. I'll probably work on my roses while she works on her things. Hmm.... maybe I've got time to quilt one of my own? Yes, I think I'll go put one on that I've been quilting a little at a time for a few weeks.

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