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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Still working

A short post today. My daughter worked from home yesterday which meant I couldn't get to the computer. I'm still working on the same quilt. There are many issues which need to be handled and this means slow going. I only have the inside border and the center of the pieced area left to quilt. My mind is kind of blank on what to quilt in these areas.

I doubt I'll get this quilt finished today. This afternoon, what isn't done will have to wait. I have another quilt that I promised to have finished by this weekend. Lucky that it's a small one. Friday my SIL will be back here to work on her tops. This means that today and tomorrow are the only times I have for working on the special quilt.
I spent a little time studying Photoshop early this morning. I have a comprehension handicap so I read, read, read, over, and over again before something clicks for me. I do much better with audio books. So far I've gotten through the first three chapters. No time for testing what I've learned until next week.... maybe. I never know what life will hand me each morning so it's best not to make too many plans. I need to learn Photoshop in order to create photos with instructions that will go into my book... if it ever gets written. Some days it feels like I'm never going to get around to it. Does anyone have a round tooit they would let me borrow?


lw said...

I use a simplified version of photoshop that came with my computer called "Adobe Photoshop Elements." It's easier to learn than full-up photoshop. I don't know if it has all of the features you'd need to interface with your other software/crafts, though.

Anita Estes said...

I should have said that my photoshop was the elements version. Sorry about that. Yes, it's supposed to be easier to learn... if I didn't have a comprehension handicap it might be easier.

lw said...

I wish I lived near you, it wouldn't take me long to show you how to use Photoshop Elements.