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Thursday, February 4, 2010

2nd quilt is finished

I finished another quilt. It's a baby sized one. I did line dancing because the owner wanted very light quilting on it. The owner is a good friend that I told I would continue to do her quilts. If I remember right her husband is a doctor and she makes cuddle quilts for babies at the hospital where he works. I could be wrong though so I guess I'll ask her when she picks this one up.

Here's a look at the back.

A close up of the blocks.

It didn't take long to finish that quilt but my batting order hasn't arrived so I can't do the next quilt. I decided it's high time I did the annual cleaning of my machine. This is more than the weekly and monthly cleaning I do. This calls for the special equipment. A toothbrush for cleaning the teeth along the table. Q-tips for cleaning the machine itself very thoroughly. Wax for cleaning the rails and wheels.

I didn't quite get it all finished before it was time for Ladybug and Mommie to get home. I still need to remove the leaders and wash them. I also need to check all the oil spots to be sure they are clean. I can finish the annual cleaning this morning. Hopefully my batting order will arrive by the time I get the machine cleaning finished.

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