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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What's up?

I've been playing around with my helpful hints blog today. I learned how to create a Mr. Linky and how to write a blog post but schedule it to show up on the blog at a later date.

During the next few days I'm going to spend time learning more about my photoshop elements software. I want to use it for some quilt ideas as well as create better photos on my blogs. I also need to figure out how I posted a video before. I know I did it but I can't remember how. This time I'll make myself a cheat sheet and put it into my memory tickler file.

I started a $10 a week grocery budget challenge. I've had a $10 a week grocery budget before with no problems. This time the budget will be for 3 people instead of one. My daughter issued the challenge and of course I had to take her challenge. Read about it here.

If there is time I will be updating my webshots albums. I've not had any time for posting photos there for almost a year. That's not good since I pay a fee for webshots. Hmm... maybe I can spend some time learning about Picassa too since I pay a fee for that as well.

Hmm.... I sure do pay a lot of fees so I can be helpful to others. Maybe I should rethink those fees? Ok, That's enough serious thought for awhile...... back to playtime.

Yes, yes, I will get back to the quilting again (for friends).... just not until after I've had my holiday vacation.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your software smarts, I know what I need to know and leave the rest to my son and his wife to help me. I enjoy your pictures of your quilts, so I hope this means there will be more of them.
As far as the $10 a week goes for grocery items, I don't know about that. My freezer and cupboards aren't as well stocked as yours. They used to be but that was another lifetime. I do envy you being so self sufficient. Have a nice holiday.