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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Old phone books and wash cloths

I've removed the posts about the $10 a week grocery challenge. I realized it doesn't matter if I set a limit on my own spending.... what matters is the original focus of my blog. My blog is about telling my frugal story. It's the closest I will ever come

to being a real writer. With my blog I can talk about what I do to save money, regardless of the reasons. If a visitor happens upon my blog; all that I have written will be here to see.

Here is one thing I do to save money. I bought myself some el cheapo wash cloths. $2.99 for a dozen. I know these will shrink and go wonky when washed and it doesn't matter. I would have preferred to make my own out of something I already had around the house. I needed these in a hurry. I can look around for an alternative and make more later. Perhaps out of old night gowns or old flannel sheets? Hmm.... maybe left over t-shirt backs?

What do I need these for? These are a replacement for paper towels. These dry hands and wipe up spills just as well as paper. Actually, better. My daughter uses paper towels and I'm trying to convince her to stop spending money on paper to throw away. Think about the costs. A 6 pack of paper towels costs around $8. If you use 6 rolls a month then you are spending about $96 (not counting tax) a year for something you will only throw away. Do you really want to throw away nearly $100? I sure don't.... I'd rather buy quilt fabric with it.

Ok, what do I do about spilled icky stuff that must be picked up from the floor? Well old phone books work just fine for icky stuff. They are destined for the landfill anyway so why not give them a second life first?

What about soaking up grease from fried foods? Who says it must be soaked up into something? Are there grease police hanging around someplace? Isn't it enough to just drain the grease away? For draining grease from fried foods I use this. Actually, I have several different sizes. My favorite is a splatter screen because it's largest and it's flat.

If you are struggling to make ends meet think about what disposables you are buying that can be replaced. An extra $8 a month for food can go a long way.

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