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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Quiet Christmas

I spent some time making myself some more undies.

I finished putting the pockets on Ladybug's dress.

I got exactly what I wanted from Santa. It's an air compressor. I use it for cleaning the bobbin area and tracks of my machine.

I spent time at the nursing home with my mother. It was fun watching all the residents getting their gifts from Santa.

My mother gave the director of the home a picture she drew. It looks really nice in a frame and hanging on the wall.

Ladybug really enjoyed her gifts too. No tree to put anything under but she didn't mind one bit. It took only one time of Mommie showing her how to rip the paper and Ladybug was off and ripping for herself. Then she would say.... Mommie, opin dis. Next year she should be able to get things out of the box too. She wanted to stop and play with everything before opening the next gift.

I think her favorite is the table and markers.... or maybe it was the toy cleaning cart with broom and mop.

My daughter got money which is what she asked for. She's putting it into her house buying fund. It was pretty nice holiday after all.
Now it's time for me to get moving on plans for next year.... it's only a week away ya know.

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