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Thursday, December 31, 2009

I didn't want to be out of bed but the new stove had to be delivered and installed. Isn't it nice? The bed is just way too tempting right now. A little computer time kept me awake while they finished.

I decided to think about my new year resolution. My birthday is New Year's Day. A nice time for thinking about changes I'd like to make for the coming year. So here's my list.... in no particular order.

1. Do whatever I can to stay healthy. This means more time with my kids, less work related stress (the reason I retired), and more frequent doctor visits.

2. Don't work so much that I get overwhelmed. It's better to say no and loose a friend (customer) than to say yes and get sick from overworking. Just do what I can each day and leave the rest for another day.

3. Stop saving so many things that "might come in handy someday" or "I could make _____ from this". Trust me.... for everything I get rid of, something takes it's place. I have enough to last a very long time.

4. Stop creating and stockpiling more UFOs. I have enough UFOs and PIGs to last me for a whole year or longer. For every new quilt I make, one UFO or PIGs must be finished too. (UFOs = unfinished objects, PIGs= project in a grocery sacks)

5. Get rid of all the over abundance by not purchasing more than essentials until everything is in control again. This includes quilt fabric.

6. Do a better job of posting to my blogs.

Not too many resolutions and not difficult ones either. Here's to a better year! Right now I'm headed back to bed. This cold still has me feeling rather yucky. Ladybug and I are spending a lot of time cuddling and sleeping. The medications are helping too.


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better for your birthday tomorrow.
Beautiful stove, I like how the burner covers/racks stand up high.
Your New Year resolutions sound very practical. If I would just take an extra minute and think before I spend money, or speak, I would have a good resolution to keep, too. I'm a packrat and if I can get that under control, I'll be OK. Happy Birthday!

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Happy Birthday, Anita!!! And Happy New Year's too. Enjoy the new stove.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. You're missed!!

mathcutie said...

HAHA, UFOs I'm familiar with, but PIGs is a new one for me! I will have plenty of opportunity to use this new phrase as I have plenty of PIGs around my house. God bless you!