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Monday, December 7, 2009

They're back

First, the next finished quilt. A crib size. The owner wanted it very lightly quilted.

I did line dancing on the outside border and a small loop design on the inside border.

Clam shell panto in the center.

These guys are back. I was really hoping to show you a before and after picture of my new bathroom floor. If you ever have need of emergency fixes.... these guys are fantastic! Extremely helpful, reliable, and honest.

When the washer and dryer were moved to put in the new floor they found this mess. More wet wood. Apparently when my new washer and dryer were delivered the delivery guys didn't want to tell me there was a problem under the old ones. Hmm.... I hope it was the old ones. I'll have to check the new ones just to be sure.

Well, the new washer and dryer are sitting in the kitchen. It's the only place in the house with room for them to sit a couple of days. It's ok though because I can still cook.

Those dreaded blowers and dehumidifiers are back. They do the job but the electric meter goes crazy while these things run.

There's three machines running this time.

The guys are due back here today. Hopefully the old floor will be dry enough to put in the new floor. I hope I never have to get any more floor work done. It's such a mess. Everything removed to do something new.... finds more problems. I'm ready for all the extra problems to go away!

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