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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Am I prepared?

Yesterday, I saw the news report of a wicked winter weather system racing across the country. It reminded me of these scenes from last year.

This was the ice storm that caused power outages for days, several deaths from misuse of generators, and lots of damaged homes.

Seeing the news reports got me to thinking.... am I prepared? Could we survive a power outage like we've had before?

Over the last year there has been a wind storm, an ice storm, and a flood in my area. Numerous disasters happen all over the country ever year. Right now there are people out west suffering from record snow fall, wind storms heading east, and lots of rain in other places.
I'm only partially prepared. I have lots of things to consider before I can call myself "prepared" and ready for just about any emergency. I let things kind of fall by the wayside as I continued to finish quilts. Out of sight, out of mind. There wasn't any pending disaster so why worry? Well, hopefully I can change this in the next few weeks. A person needs to be prepared for just about anything, including job loss. Yes, that's a very big emergency too.
I'm going to put the things I do on this blog so I can keep it for future reference. If you choose to follow along I'd be happy to have you join me. Just change what I do to things that will help you in your area. Everything I do to prepare for emergencies will be done with a frugal mind. As little spending as possible while not sacrificing quality. So if you are a tightwad or penny pincher, like me, maybe you can offer suggestions along the way?
I hope to have the preparedness hints as a regular feature of this blog. Now that I have fewer quilt commitments it shouldn't be so hard to continue adding to the saga of my frugal living blog. I have forgotten so many things I did over the years and now it's all flooding back into my mind. I feel a little guilty for giving up so much of my frugal ways. I think of all the money I wasted trying to live up to the life expected of me..... going for convenience instead of frugality.
I repeat what I said in an earlier post.... several weeks back.... it's much easier to tell other people how to live on very little money if I live the life. Even when I was earning money from quilting, I wasn't well off. With very careful planning I could buy things instead of make them myself. I still had to scrape by.... just not so much as when there is NO money.
I will be making some changes to this blog during the holidays. Hopefully to make it easier to search for posts on different subjects. Please be patient about the changes because I'm not a computer person. It takes a few trial and errors to find the blog features I like and eliminate those I don't. I hope the changes will make this blog into one that blog steppers find very helpful!
What's a blog stepper? Hmm.... you know how you find a great blog which has a list of favorite blogs on it? You click on one of the blog links which takes you to another great blog with a favorite list.... you click on one of them.... which takes you to another. That's blog stepping. It's not a term yet. I just made it up to describe how I see moving from one blog to the next. You think it will catch on?

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