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Monday, December 21, 2009

The last 2009 quilt

I'm still feeling under the weather. If I could get rid of the deep chest cough I know I would feel better. I managed to finish this last quilt for a customer. She picked it up yesterday because she's having knee replacement surgery this morning. She can work on the hand binding while she's recovering.

It's hard to see it but I did a leafy and curly type of feather design on the outside border and a leaf design on the inside border.

I did line dancing on some of the blocks.

This leaf and curl design on some of the blocks.

Here's a better view of the designs from the back.

The line dancing frames the leaf and curl designs.

Now that the 2009 commitment work is finally finished it's time to move on to my organizing my plans for 2010. I pretty much guessed right at how long it would take to finish up the work I had already scheduled..... way back in February and March.
Having a toddler here every weekend and in the evenings means my entire schedule must change for awhile. When they move into their own home my schedule will change again. The computer in my daughter's room means I can't post until after they leave in the morning. Impossible to post on the weekends because Ladybug doesn't want me to sit at a computer when there are so many toys to share with NaNa.
Laundry schedule must change. Cooking schedule must change. Cleaning schedule must change. Gosh, there are many things that must change. Isn't it great!


Anonymous said...

I should have sat back further at the computer, I caught your chest cold 8>}
I don't know how old you are, but I'm
60 and everyday I seem to be changing my plans because something came up and could I do this or that. Makes me cranky sometimes, but it's good to be needed. Maybe one day my days will be mine. I don't know if I'd like that either.
Glad you're back on your blog.

Theresa said...

I'm smiling this morning for you, a little jealous of your schedule changes. As much of a disruption as having a little one around can be, it's also the best part of our lives. I just wish our newest one didn't live so far away.

Anita Estes said...

Hi Theresa, all of my grands and great-grands live far away. The only one close right now is Ladybug. It's a new experience for me to watch a grand explore and learn. I missed out on the others because I was always TOO BUSY keeping up with the quilting schedules. I'm feeling really guilty about the times I missed and hoping to NOT MISS the times in the future. Guilt is a great motivator for slower schedules and retirement.

Anita Estes said...

Hi Anonymous, sorry you got sick too. There are days when I just can't do all the things on my to do list either. What gets done is done.... what doesn't get done wasn't ment to be done. It can wait for another day.

I have 14 grands and 4 great-grands. Does this make me a senior? I can't remember.