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Monday, December 14, 2009

What happened to my house?

I spent weeks.... I mean months... clearing stuff out of my house. Now look at it.

This is only the kitchen. You should see the two bedrooms that were empty a couple of days ago. Geeze!

You ever hear the saying.... college students leave home just temporarily, they always return, and they bring more with them.

Mommie and Ladybug now have their stuff in my previously semi organized house. Mommie had to leave town for a business trip so she brought their stuff, set up the beds, packed a bag, and left. Ladybug and I had an adventure putting things away in her room. Ooo whee, that is one very independent thinking child! Put something in the wrong place and I get told where it really belongs. Books go here Na Na. Shoes go here Na Na. Jammies go here Na Na. Pull ups go in the bathroom Na Na. Well, at least she's organized. Her Mommie never was. Her Mommie liked piles of stuff instead. I'm sure glad the floor work was finished before they moved back home.

Yesterday, after picking up Ladybug from daycare, about two blocks from home, 6 police cars came racing past me. As I got closer to home there were about 20 police cars and a couple of ambulances at the corner where I turn toward home. I didn't know whether to turn around and go someplace else or not. I thought the trouble might be something we should stay clear of for awhile. I kept going though because home was just around the corner. I believed the trouble was at the motorcycle club at the corner but it turned out to be at the store on the opposite corner. A bunch of people had gotten into a fight and several got hurt. No one died that I know of. This neighborhood is going through a bad time again. It comes and it goes.

I have another quilt on the machine but more stuff needs to be put away first. I best get off the computer and get started.

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kathi said...

So glad that Ladybug is such an organized young person. EXCELLENT. Let's hope it stays with her through her life. and Yes, kids leave, kids return, and there is always more "stuff".. Often, they leave a lot of it behind when they move on. That is why we can never get control of the "stuff" it is NOT always our stuff!! It sounds like you ENJOYED the "getting the room together" experience. I can see your grin.