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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Twiddle my thumbs or clean something?

Almost everyone has plastic containers. Sometimes the containers are stored in a cabinet hap hazardly. The door is opened and things come tumbling out. Some plastics are stacked inside others requiring several steps to put it away after use. Take out the front stacks to put something in a stack at the back then replace the other stacks in front. Too much trouble to get it all back into the cabinet so things just kind of get tossed in and the door shut quickly.

This was the problem I had. My plastic wasn't stored in a wall cabinet though. It was stored inside a cabinet I use for an island in the kitchen. Well yesterday, I had a few minutes away from the machine as I watched food on the stove. Not wanting to just stand there twiddling my thumbs between stirrings, I cleaned out a drawer that held dog food and one that held dog treats. The food and treats were for my furkid that passed away last Christmas. It was high time I got rid of it. I bagged it up for the local dog shelter. A volunteer will pick it up today. The tiny furkid's food is so small it can fit into one small container.

After I washed out the drawers I decided to use them for my plastic containers. I tossed all the old butter tubs and the fast food glasses. What's left is a nice assortment that fit nicely....

into two drawers.

Nothing stacked inside another. Each size will be easy to get and easy to put back. I used a household bungee cord in each drawer to hold the lids. One small hole drilled on each side to hold the ends. The tops for one size containers wouldn't fit inside the bungee cord. Too tall.
If I ever win the lottery.... or get chosen for one of those home makeover shows... I'm going to be sure my kitchen has nothing but drawer cabinets! Hmm.... how does someone get chosen for those shows anyway? Is there a fairy out there somewhere that peeks inside homes? Do friends have to recommend someone?
This was only a small step toward getting my house re organized but it felt so good. As I said before, sometimes organizing is a result of simply cleaning. Cleaning out the old dog food resulted in organized plastic containers. Thirty minutes is all it took.

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kathi said...

GOOD IDEA. looks neat. I DO have the kind of "plastic storage" where i constantly have to pull the stuff in front out to get to the stuff in back, etc etc.. More cupboards would REALLY help.. alas. I don't think the home make over people are ever coming to MY house.. bummer. i REALLY WOULD like one of those "pull out wastebaskets" though.. I am tired of mine in front of the cabinet I put the big stock pot and the cookie sheets in.. hmmmm?