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Saturday, July 4, 2009

A question for my blog visitors

I have a question for my blog visitors. I'm thinking of ways I can improve my helpful hints blog. For the last few months I've posted about many different subjects. Some quilt related and some not.

I'm wondering what subjects are you looking for when you visit? Is it crafts? Is it cardboard furniture? Is it quilting? Is it organizing? Or any frugal thing in general? Should I keep it as a hodge podge of subjects?

If you don't mind, would you post a comment about what subjects most interest you when visiting my helpful hints blog? When I finish up the last of the "commitment" quilts and get back to more normal life I'll do more with this blog.

I'll still be quilting but just not with deadlines anymore. I believe everything we do also has an effect on how quilters manage to stay on schedule with quilting. From how long we spend in the kitchen to things like piecing batting together. I kind of like the hodge podge but only if others are interested.


Anonymous said...

I love your blogs with a hodge podge of subjects. I've found so many practical tips and so much good advice that I'm hoping you leave them both as is. I'm always looking for help when it comes to quilting, so posts on different aspects of quilting and problems encountered are always fun to find. Thanks for all you do ~ you have helped me more than you will ever know! Ann

Beth said...

Oh I love the hodge podge! You never know what will be next! By the way, I just purchased a used Long arm! I"m excited and PETRIFIED at the same time! It won't be delivered till mid August, but that was because it worked out best for BOTH of us. Happy 4th of July!

Christine said...

I just found your blog randomly and I love your money saving tips! I'm going to keep reading.

TOBY said...

I am more focused on the expense cutting tips. But from time to time, I read some of the rest. But really, I want to be more frugal everyday. :-)

Joyful said...

I just came across your blog and I'd be interested in a hodge podge approach. I haven't started quilting yet but I'm delighted to find out you quilt also and will be interested in what I can learn down the line.