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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Meat slicer bargain

Today, while waiting for my prescriptions to be filled; I went to the thrift store across the street from the clinic. I was very lucky again. I happened to be there on a day when they had everything 75 percent off again. I was told they have this type sale two random days a month to clear things out. That's good to know. So for a second time I was there at just the right time.

This is what I got today. A food slicer. The box was taped shut when I looked at it. The clerk said I couldn't open it. Not allowed on 75% off days. I hesitated buying it because there wasn't any way to know if all the parts were there. I looked at the original price tag which said $34.99.

Next I looked at the thrift store price which said $9.95. I calculated the 75 percent off price to be about $2.50 so I bought it without knowing if it was complete. I figured the worst that could happen is I loose the $2.50.

When I got home I was very happy to find that the slicer was still in the original plastic bubble wrap and that was still sealed. It had never been opened.

Yup, it was a really good find. Now how will it help me save money? It will save me money because I can buy bulk cheese or lunchmeats. I can slice homemade bread in thinner slices than using a knife. I can slice roll sausage into patties before freezing. I'll find other uses as time goes by.

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