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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dejunk the junk drawer

I had a doctor appointment on Tuesday. It's usually an all day event. When I get home it's really too late in the day to start quilting.

Not wanting the rest of my day to be wasted, I decided to tackle my junk drawer. As you can see, I have little white drawer organizer boxes that can be mixed or matched into all kinds of ways. They did nothing to help keep this drawer organized. Why? Because it was just too easy to open the drawer and drop something in. There is too much "drop it in" room to the drawer.

I decided the drawer could be used for something else providing I cleaned it all out and put everything somewhere else. Here is my batteries and charger grouping.

Here are my cake decorating things.

Here are some of my power outage supplies. Tea lights for making coffee, extra wicks for the oil lamps, lighters to light them, and something to entertain if I'm not alone.

Where is the junk drawer stuff stored in now? Well still in drawers of course. Just smaller ones. I had these units just sitting in a closet not being used for anything.
At the moment these sit on top of my freezer. These will get moved to another place when I get around to organizing that area. What I like most about these new drawers is that there is "no drop it in" room. It either fits into a separator box inside the drawer or it doesn't get put there.

I only used a few of the white drawer organizer boxes because I wanted to save some for another organizing project. I wasn't happy with the emergency items drawer (above) so I searched my cardboard collection and found some cheese boxes. They fit perfectly in the drawer and separate things nicely.

While cleaning out the junk drawer, it occurred to me that none of these things must be stored in the kitchen. These items are seldom used. I can find another place to store them while still keeping them accessible when the need arises.
Keep only what is "used" in the kitchen.... stored in the kitchen.

Now I have a completely empty drawer to be used for something else. Hmm...... I wonder.....
Ok, I'll let you know what I decided when I put something in the empty drawer.

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