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Monday, July 6, 2009

Still 13 left

This one is on the machine and almost stabilized. Now I need to figure out how I will quilt it.

I didn't get much sleep over the weekend because of the fireworks going off in the neighborhood. I keep wondering how they can afford so many of those things? From Friday morning all the way to Sunday afternoon the fire crackers and fireworks kept going off. That's an awful lot of money going up in smoke.

I spent a good part of the weekend going through old papers. I have many years worth of papers... most of which are getting shredded. I had a bunch of papers that belonged to my son that committed suicide. It has taken me three years to find the courage to go through it all. What I felt was good geneology stuff was put into a scrapbook for my grandson. It's boxed up and ready to be shipped to Alaska today.

Not much else to talk about this morning so I guess I'll start quilting.

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Winda aka DutchQ aka (*ü*) said...

I admire your courage regarding the papers of your son. I have a couple of boxes upstairs that belonged to my mom who died just over 2 years ago. I still do not have the courage to go through them and decid what is to stay and what has to go, so I sure know how difficult this must have been for you!
I take my had off for you girl!

hugs from the Netherlands
Winda aka DutchQ aka (*ü*)