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Friday, July 10, 2009

12 more left

Its done. It's a very large quilt. It just barely fit onto the machine leaders.

You may have seen these designs before. Same piecing design often gets the same quilting designs. Why change a good thing. Flower design on the largest squares that flip flop in different directions. Why? Because this keeps the quilting from being directional. It won't matter which way it is put on the bed, it will always look like it's right.

A rope design on the inside border and a flower design on these rectangles.

A flower in the small squares.

I really like the flower and leaf design on the outside border.

Another view of the border.

Another view of the rope design on the inside border.

This quilt wasn't difficult. It was time consuming because it was so large and had lots of starts and stops. I guess the hardest thing about this quilt was doing the designs upside down or sideways as I quilted it. The next quilt on the machine is what I call difficult. I'll explain about it in another post.

I want to tell you a little story.

One morning, a very long time ago, my husband and I were laying in bed reluctant to get up. It was a cold wintry morning. Neither of us wanted to get out of a warm bed to go start the coffee. I turned to him and said "You go make the coffee this morning honey." He replied "I'm not going to make coffee, that's woman's work."

After a minute of thought, I grinned at him and asked "If I can show you in the Bible that it's a man's job to make coffee, would you go make it?" Hesitating for a minute, his reply was "Of course". I think his curiosity got to him.
So I slyly picked up the Bible from the bedside table, opened it, and read..... He brew.

My husband made the coffee that morning.

I sure do miss him and our way of playing... gotcha.

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