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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Organize or simply clean?

Sometimes, when you think everything is completely out of control and you start repeating to yourself the mantra.... I've got to get organized, I've got to get organized.

Maybe what you really need is to simply clean? Organizing often means to get rid of as much stuff as you can then find containers for what's left. But what if you need everything that's there? What if you can't toss anything? Well, do some spring cleaning.... which in my case happens to be summer cleaning because I missed spring this year. I closed my eyes for a minute and spring sneaked right on past me.

My organizing will sometimes be a result of making sure everything is clean. That's what happened today. What started as me checking on winter items that might need to be washed, repaired, or replaced before winter resulted in an organized closet.

This is the left side of my double closet. See the quilts ready for Xmas charity? These had become lost in a plastic bin under other plastic bins and stuff. The space heaters have been checked, cleaned, and re boxed ready to use. I won't have to do that when the air gets chilly but it's too early to turn on the furnace.

My closet will be my new garage since my daughter and grand daughter will be moving back home this fall. Here is where I will keep things that should be in a garage.... which I don't have. The kerosene heater has been checked for good working order. The kerosene can had quite a bit of rust on the bottom so I tossed it out. A new one is on my list of things to buy. I keep the kerosene heater just in case we loose power in the winter.

These rolley carts used to hold fabrics for rugs and were in another room. As I made rugs and the drawers became empty, I simply haven't used them for anything else. Now they are being used for tools, painting stuff, hardware, and odds & ends. This is so much better! When I had plastic boxes in here.... the box I needed was almost always on the bottom. With the drawers this won't be a problem anymore.

Remember the small drawer units I used a few days ago to clean out my junk drawer? Well here they are again. A nice new home for them in the right side of my double closet. The drawer unit on the right is where the batteries and things are. The unit on the left is for medical supplies like cold meds, bandages, Tylenol, and stuff like that. All of it out of reach of a curious small child.

Well, for goodness sake.... would you look at that.... there's a wood floor in the bottom of my closet! I haven't seen the floor of my closet for several years. It had large plastic boxes full of stuff hiding it.

What is still not in the closet are my winter clothes. These are in a clothes basket ready to be washed and mended. These will be sealed in space bags and put into another drawer unit. I still plan to put more on the shelf above. I'm sure I will find items that need a home as I clean other rooms before winter. All I'm doing right now is what I should have done in the spring. I'm also getting things done that normally are done in the fall. I'm doing fall things early so I don't have to do it all at once.

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