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Monday, July 20, 2009

Boulder avalanche

The new faucet is installed. It looks out of place in an old kitchen and it cost a fortune to have it put in. Why is it that designer faucets cost more to install? I haven't a clue but they do charge more. I looked and the hook up parts underneath are the same as the old faucet. Duh, the new faucet wouldn't have fit if the hookup wasn't the same. So why the added cost? Only because it's designer instead of regular. It took 30 minutes to put in and cost $180. So this plumber earns $360 an hour. Geeze, I went into the wrong business!

I had some help cleaning house over the weekend.

Also help sorting the threads. It's best to dump everything out then look thoroughly at each one when putting it back into the box.

A friend once told me that I let nothing get me down. My friend said that what she saw in me is; whenever I come across a boulder in my path, I step back, take a look, think for a bit, then start walking around the boulder to keep going along on my way.
She's right, I don't stay discouraged for more time than it takes to think things through. Type talking on my blog about my problems helps me think of new possibilities. I hope to give encouragement to others with my blog too. Maybe by reading about my trials and solutions they will see possibilities too.
Now that I'm retiring I can expect to see an avalanche of boulders about to happen in my path. It's inevitable. Less money means that things will happen to require money. Especially with an old house. (Murphy's Law) I will not let these things discourage me for long. Maybe for a day or two as I figure out a different way. I'm WILL enjoy my retirement no matter what boulders fall in my path!

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