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Please don't remind me that I'm poor; I'm having too much fun pretending I'm simply "living green" like everyone else these days.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

No quilting going on this weekend. It's a holiday weekend and I shouldn't be working. I've been trying to locate one document in all this mess. I decided that since I'll never be picked for an episode of Mission Organization that I would do my own version anyway. I have no idea how people get picked for those shows but I sure would love to have them choose me.

I decided to sort and trash what isn't needed anymore. Then put the rest into smaller organizing projects that can be managed in short periods of time. As you can see I'm making progress.

It's all been gone through and separated into different stacks by type.

The papers and such are partly quilting related things and partly personal stuff. I did find the one document I really needed. Tomorrow I can finish the paperwork for my mother's annual renewal for the nursing home. Most of the stuff was just not put where it should have been. Photos go in one place, banking and bills go in another, books and magazines go somewhere else, and that sort of thing.

Yesterday my paperwork organizing was interrupted by my daughter. She's ready to take me to the hardware store if I still need to go. Well of course I still need to go! She knew I hadn't gone on the bus. I only asked her a week ago to take me. It's times like this.... waiting on her schedule.... that make me wish I hadn't given away my car. I would love to just jump in the car and get what I need, when I need it, on my own schedule and not someone else's schedule. Oh, and by the way, could I babysit for the night? Ah ha! Now I know why she is ready to take me to the hardware.

A good thing did come out of our trip yesterday. Our trips give us time to really talk to each other. Our subject of conversation was about her growing up in a very poor household. One of the things that can happen is that the child grows up to rebel against the lifestyle. They tend to become hyper spenders. Spending money as soon as they have it. Or worse, getting credit cards and going into debt. They want to show the world they have money to spend...... even though its really only debt.

My daughter asked me to explain how I had managed to feed us and keep a roof over our heads when she was growing up. She knew my income barely paid the bills; yet, I managed to have plenty of food and such and we were happy. Simple dawling.... coupons, yard sales, canning, scratch cooking, staying organized, bartering, and very careful pennies management.

I feel very proud today! She's asked me to teach her everything I know about living frugal. My daughter has decided to become a penny pincher like her Moma. Can you imagine how big my heart has swelled with pride? She finally understands why it's important to spend money wisely instead of spending just because its in her pocket. You know what I mean? The habit of instant gratification spending.

I believe most of her desire to learn is based on our economy and the cost of gas. I've always told her.... sometimes Mom knows what she's talking about. With everything becoming more expensive, she's finally understanding that her growing up lifestyle wasn't so bad after all. I don't care what the reason..... I only care that she wants to learn from me.

I remember once, when my kids were young, I said something to one of the boys... which made me pause to think. I told myself.... oh my gosh, I've become my mother! You think my daughter has reached that stage in her life?

She says she wants to learn everything from coupons to canning to sewing. But.... not quilting. (smile) That will change when sees the advantage to knowing how to quilt.

I'm getting off the computer now so I can finish the paperwork organizing before the baby wakes.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Geeze, when will I get a break!

I was down to the last 5 inches of design on todays quilt when the storms hit. I lost electricity for the rest of the night and most of this morning. The wind yesterday was something! I lost this little tree in the front of the house. It wasn't a big concern though because it was pretty much dead anyway.

Sometimes the fabrics used in a quilt give me pause. I can't figure out how to quilt it. If I use a design then the pictures of the fabric is lost. Yet, it must be quilted. This is an example of what I mean. I'm not sure the designer of this fabric considered how it would be quilted and keep the beauty of the pictures.

After the power came back on again this morning; I finished the last small area; then loaded the next one on the machine; then came to my computer to make a post. This is the finished quilt.

I did baby rattles on the inside border. It was one single baby rattle that didn't get done when the storm happened. I did line dancing on the center pieced area.

Another view of the line dancing.

A view from the back showing the line dancing.

And a view from the back of how I quilted the outside border with the pictures. I used clear thread on the front and pink on the back. A simple outline along the top and bottom of the characters.

I'm not sure how much of the quilt on the machine will get finished today. I have another project that will take priority over working on a customer quilt. If I get the other project finished then I will get back to working at the machine.

What's the project? Paperwork..... yuck! It's some organizing I should have done weeks ago but couldn't get to it because of other circumstances. I have one simple paper to find among bunches and bunches of papers. A very necessary paper for the annual renewal of my mother's nursing home care.

I do have everything necessary for keeping papers filed..... I just didn't use them as I should have. When I'm extremely busy and running behind on the waiting list; or when I'm not feeling my best; I tend to stack up papers believing that I will get to those later.... only later get pushed back time and time again. So today I'm going to setup and test a solution to my paperwork problem.

Why work on this instead of a customer quilt? Simple really, if I'm not organized..... I can't quilt on schedule. I will spend far too much time looking for something than is reasonable. If I'm organized I should be able to find it, deal with it, then get back to work. Ok, what I mean is..... the less time I spend on other projects like locating papers for renewals, the more time I have for quilting.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I finally finished this quilt. Then spent time on the phone with ATT getting my email to work. It took several phone calls talking to several different people before someone was finally able to fix the problem on their end.

As you can see I did a feather design in the centers.

A view from the back.

I found someone online who can explain my computer woes for me.

Check out Tan Lucy Pez She tells it perfectly. I can't word it quite the same as she did. You gotta actually read the error messages and the buttons she writes about to get the idea of how I feel. Especially the very end of the post and the messages from readers. I don't know how I originally came across her blog but I've been reading it whenever I can for quite awhile now.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I worked all day yesterday trying to get this finished. I got just over half way. It's taking longer than I thought. I'll finish it today though.

I stopped quilting early enough to give me time to catch up with my email friends. I'm behind on reading list mail. I tried opening my email last night..... guess what? ATT wouldn't let me put in my security code to open the email. That's weird.

I called ATT and was on the phone for over half an hour. In the end the guy tells me I need a new computer. Duh..... what has that got to do with putting a security code onto an ATT website? He tells me I can go to the library or a neighbor's house and try reading email there. Duh again.... why would I be paying for an internet connection if I can't use it?

Well anyway, I've got a list of things to try today that may help. This computer and I sometimes don't get along very well together. If I don't post again for a couple of days it means my computer is down..... again...... and I will post as soon as I can.... If I can.

If this computer starts costing more than its worth..... I just won't fix it anymore. I love being able to share through my blogs and through email but fixing constant computer problems are not an absolute necessity. My money has more urgent uses right now...... like fixing leaky pipes or repairing damaged siding or paying for electricity.

I'm off now to start down the list of things to try before starting my quilting day.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm down to the last row of stitch in the ditch of the double wedding ring. Today I will go back to put the design in the centers.

When I'm doing work at the machine my mind works constantly thinking of things I should be doing. I might be thinking of organizing or I might be thinking of the future. I might design a new 10 to what quilt in my thoughts or maybe even a new art quilt. None of which gets done because I'm working at the machine. I make lots of notes!

What was on my mind yesterday was window quilts. There had been some discussion on the longarm list about making these. This is what had me asking myself...... why did I get rid of my window quilts a few years ago?

Back in 1981 when I got my first quilting machine I was struggling just to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. I quilted pieces of plain fabric for practice. Being the frugal person I am; I used the practice pieces to make quilts for all my windows. I couldn't afford real curtains at the time.

There was nothing elaborate about those window quilts. I made them to roll up like regular paper window shades using string and eye hooks. The quilts served two purposes. They gave me curtains and helped save on my utility bills. These quilts stayed on my windows for several years. Probably 20 years or so.

I couldn't remember why I had taken them down and replaced them with just plain fabric for curtains. When my daughter called me at lunchtime I asked her if she could remember. She reminded me that I had taken the quilts down to wash and some had rotted from years of hanging in the sun. She didn't know why I hadn't replaced the quilts with new ones. Ok, now I remember...... I got a longer waiting list.

I took the quilts off the windows believing I would replace them with new "real" curtains. For some odd reason I related window quilts with poverty. I believed real curtains were a symbol of success. I was wrong! Or maybe not. I can either..... be thrifty with window quilts and have money in the bank.... or I can "look rich" with real curtains and not have any money. I'm planning on making more window quilts. The heck with giving my hard earned money to the utility companies. I want to keep as much of my money as I can for other things.

I've got my sketch book near my machine where I can sketch designs for window quilts as my mind comes up with ideas. My thoughts right now are should I make the quilts as art, country, contemporary, or just plain scrappy? I'm sure I saved all those eye hooks. I only have to figure out where I've stashed them.

Sewing the quilt tops together will be the easy part. Finding machine time to quilt them will be the problem. I'm already far behind schedule on customer quilts. Which reminds me.... I have to end this post and get to the studio.

Monday, June 23, 2008

No pictures today. I'm still working on the double wedding ring quilt. Stitch in the ditch around all those arcs is going slowly.

I had one person show up for the Saturday class. I learned as much from her as I believe she learned from me. I showed her how to do line dancing. Watching her practice gave me ideas for how to do the class differently the next time.

The shop owner and I talked about options for a newer machine and having a room dedicated to teaching machine quilting. She likes the idea and is willing but doesn't know about machine quilting. I have to do more research to give to her before she makes a final decision. I just hope we can come together on a decision soon.

Before I can spend time doing research I have to get myself back on track with my own work. I took a look at my waiting list last night. I'm way behind schedule. About 16 to 20 quilts behind schedule. That's a lot of work! I'll have to put in lots and lots of over time for a few weeks to get caught up. I feel like a hamster on one of those little wheels. I keep running but I don't get anywhere.

So with this said I'm headed into the studio.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bad threads

I had a double wedding ring quilt on the machine ready to start doing a stitch in the ditch when I realized this quilt was due first. So off came the double wedding ring and on went this one.

This one got line dancing on the blocks too. I really think it needs more quilting but I will let the customer decide. She usually doesn't like dense quilting.

This feather design is perfect for taming friendly piano key borders.

This heart design was just right for the triangle setting pieces.

A view of the line dancing on the blocks from the back. The loops are done on the block frames.

The double wedding ring quilt is back on the machine and I have stitched in the ditch on about a third of the rings. I have several other priority things to do today so I may not get back to it until Monday.

I think I'm going to have to find a new thread to use on my machine. Lately there have been many cones like this. The issue is not noticeable until I have used it for quite awhile. The issues are hidden near the middle of the cone.

In order to get past the issue I pulled off this much thread. I usually don't pull it off like this though. I usually wind a bobbin until I get to the bad part of the cone. I wanted to get a picture of what I would waste if I simply pulled it off. The cones are usable though it does get very irritating to have to stop right when I'm on a roll and deal with these issues.

I mention thread because today I'm doing a thread inventory. I may switch to a different brand when I buy this time. I have a cone of Bottom Line that I bought in Paducah. I really like how it looks on a quilt. If I switch to using it then I will have to start charging a fee. I'm not sure how my customers will feel about paying for thread when I've always furnished it free. I'll probably offer fee based thread as an option for awhile to see which is better.

A long time ago when I mentioned to another quilter that I use serger thread for quilting. She was appalled and told me that serger thread isn't good because it won't last over time. It will rot and start breaking. My response.... if serger thread doesn't last then there are going to be a lot of naked people walking around. My kids have quilts from 1981 when I first started machine quilting and used serger thread. They have been washed and washed but still look good. Now really.... I believe most quilters are not concerned about their top "lasting" because it gives them a reason to make a new one. I'm not talking about contest quality quilts.... I mean utility quilts.

I got the paper practice patterns printed and ready for class tomorrow. That wasn't easy because I had to sit at the printer pushing the print button over and over. My printer can't be set to do multiple copies. I used the waiting time for trying out the new features of Blogger. I like the blog lines feature. Now I have to find time for putting in the sites I visit most often.

I also received a call from the shop owner late last evening. The shop machine is back from the repairman. Yippie! Now at least people can actually play around with the machine too.

There is one more thing I want to put into my journal today. Everyone knows we have a crisis with oil these days. It's a lot like it was back in the 70's only worse than I remember. I happened to hear on the news that the oil rich countries are planning to produce more barrels of oil because...... (quote) they are afraid America will reduce it's dependence on oil. In my opinion that says who is really running this country. As long as we are dependent on the oil production.... we will always be ruled by the almighty barrel of oil and the ones who produce it.

I remember back in the 70's the young generation was big on alternative energy sources. Now that that generation is older and the same thing has happened again..... why is it that more isn't done to promote alternative energy again instead of screaming for more oil? Could it be because we forget a crisis too soon after it has past? Are the oil producing countries right? If they give us more oil will we forget and go back to our old ways of gas guzzling cars? Not me. I am more determined than I was back in the 70's to reduce my energy usage. I became a tightwad back then and I still keep the basics of that life with me today.

Well now.... I've stated my opinion.... time for me to get to today's work schedule. Maybe I can think of another topic to put into my helpful hints blog while working. Something to do with saving energy perhaps? Or maybe something about organizing? We shall see....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I got several suggestions for classes in my email and I appreciate them all. Several people sent comments but your "no comment reply" is turned on so I couldn't email you to ask for more details. Now that I have an idea about what classes to do; I can work on details of how to present them.

But first here is today's finished quilt. It worked out really, really nice.

Here is another picture of this quilt. Sorry it's blurry.

Here is a close up of one of the blocks. As you can see the stitching is hard to see from the front.

So I'll show you the stitching from the back. I did line dancing on the blocks.

A leaf design on the sashing, le lace on the inside border, and a leaf design on the outside border.

Another picture of the sashing and the circles done on the inside block frame.

I had fun doing those freehand circles. I tried several different ways of creating circles just so I could record them in my sketch book for the future.

When I looked at the quilt through the camera I realized it was perfect as the basis for my Saturday class. I lay it on the table and drew some of the blocks on paper to be used in the class.

Speaking of the classes at the shop. What I said in my post yesterday sounded like the owner didn't want to replace the old machine. That was wrong. I guess I was just in a pity me mood. I need to work on myself to stay out of those moods! Or at the very least keep myself from telling the world what type mood I'm in.

The shop owner does want to get a new machine. I believe between the two of us we will get one but just not right away. One reason I stayed several days in Paducah was to check out several machines and pick up information packets to give to the shop owner. We haven't had a chance to get together since I got back. First because she had other time commitments and then when she was ready to get together I got sick.

The shop classes started a couple of years ago with me doing a simple demonstration to show what is possible to do with a household machine on a Hinterberg frame. Everything I can do with a Gammill machine can be done with a household machine. It just has to be done differently. The demonstrations expanded to actual classes because so many were buying machines and frames then standing there in front of their machine saying..... now what?

I WANT people to buy machines and get excited about doing machine quilting. I want others to know how I feel when I see a stitching design done on a top. Hmmm..... maybe I'm not explaining this well enough. Ok, you know how it is when you go to a quilt show or a guild meeting or a fabric shop and see a new piecing design that excites you so much that you want to make one yourself? So you start looking for classes or books to learn how it is made. Then you are so happy about learning and making one yourself that you show it to everyone else. Well that's how I am about machine quilting. I see new stitching techniques or designs that get me excited enough to want to learn them...... then show everyone else what I did. The trouble is that when I want to show someone else.... I'm in the studio alone. No one to see it. This blog is the next best thing to having people around.

I can't tell you how many times I try a new stitching design.... it works out perfectly..... I stand there saying..... Oooooo that's fantastic, you guys outa try this..... but there is no one there to hear me. So I keep my excitement for a time when I can share it with others.

There are new people reading my blog that may not know my history of machine quilting so I'll tell you about it. For over 20 years I used a Singer upholstery machine rigged up to a table and track system to do machine quilting. I could only quilt 5 inches of space with each pass over the quilt before advancing. I was still able to do very large 15 or 20 inch designs in spite of the 5 inch limitations.

I own a Gammill machine because the Singer machine just wasn't right for my business anymore. I was constantly having to load it into a car to make an all day trip out of town to get it re timed and tuned up. It was wore out from all the years of work. When the trips out of town began being a monthly trip I decided it was time to quit the business or get a new machine. To make a story shorter..... I got a Gammill. I don't have a Gammill because its large enough to do big designs. I have it because it's sturdy enough to run for hours and hours to do what I want it to do. To be honest any of the larger sturdy machine would have been adequate. Whether it be an A1, Prodigy, or any other of the major brands.

BUT... if a person is only planning to quilt their own tops then an industrial machine is not really needed. If someone wanted only to do a few tops as a spare income then a smaller machine is fine too. It really is possible to do the same things I do with my Gammill on a smaller machine. The machine you buy should fit the type of work you plan to do.

On my trip to Paducah I looked specifically for affordable machines for those people who want only to do their own tops. I looked for machines that could be used to create the ART of machine quilting without taking out a second mortgage to own it.

Ok, I've rambled on long enough. I have to finish making paper copies of the class materials for Saturday. It won't be the same as actually using a machine. BUT.... it's a start.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The quilt on the machine is going to take more than one day to finish so no pictures today. I worked as much as I could on it and took it easy. I was still feeling weak.

I'm scheduled to do a machine quilting demonstration at Happy Heart this weekend. It's very hard to do a demonstration without a working machine. I thought about this problem all day yesterday and I think I figured out a solution.

Normally I would use the shop machine to draw a design then let others give it a try. Since this is not possible right now; I can demonstrate with paper and pen. I can show the students how to practice the designs without a machine. Other teachers around the country say..... teach yourself with paper and pen first then use the machine. Well that's what I plan to do.

The theme of my Saturday class will be...... If you just can't figure out what to quilt; then just start dancing.

I want very much to be a good teacher! The last few times I've done a class/demonstration without a machine and the classes have been less than adequate. I left feeling like a failure. Yet, I keep trying. I always felt that sooner or later I would get this fear of failure conquered and get more people there. More than anything I want to see faces in the classroom at the shop! My confidence is stronger with each face I see. If I come out feeling like a failure again I'm not sure I will want to try again.

After the last class; I happened to overhear a couple of ladies taking about how they didn't feel they had learned anything in the class. One lady told the other one.... well you get what you pay for. My classes are alway free. So how do you think I felt after hearing that??

One thing I will do Saturday is ask the people there for suggestions for classes. (If any bother to show up.) What do they want me to show or teach? If I understand what people want for a class it won't be so hard to come up with a teaching plan. My goal is to be at the shop on a regular basis with new class material for each time. The classes can be listed in her newsletter with the dates. That way people can pick and choose which class is appropriate for them.

I'm going to do my best to make this teaching thing work for me and potential students!! Not for the money because I don't get any. I want it to be successful simply because I want others to see the art in machine quilting. I have ideas for machine quilting that haven't been done before. I would like nothing better than to be the one to bring fresh new ideas to the machine quilting profession. I won't ever be famous around the world..... but I can be a good teacher right here at home. I want to be a good teacher almost as much as I want to do portrait quilts.

Does anyone reading my blog have any class suggestions? If you could take any machine quilting class you wanted without cost what would it be? Beginner classes for those who just got a machine and don't know how to load a quilt? Advanced classes for how to draw your own designs? Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

Ok, I've pouted enough for today. Time for me to get into the studio.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm feeling better but still very weak. This illness has left me feeling weaker than those of the past. I guess as I get older its harder to shake off an illness. I seem to get every flu or virus that comes along. I've been that way my whole life.... if it goes around.... I will get it too.

I had to set my priorities of first things first when getting myself back to work. First thing was to pick the cherries from my back yard tree before I lost them all to the mocking birds. I put 12 quarts in the freezer. There is still a lot of cherries but too high for me to reach. The tree is too tall and the branches too small to climb. The mocking birds will get about 12 quarts too.

Speaking of freezers.... my deep freeze died about 15 years ago and I haven't been able to replace it since. Every time I think I've saved enough to buy a new one something happens to take the money. I thought I had finally hidden and saved the money one more time.... guess what? The fresh water in my kitchen is brown. I think I have a broken water line which is letting dirt get into the line. It's very unhandy to go to the bathroom to get water for dishes or cooking. Once again.... there goes the freezer money. I had picked out such a nice one too.... very nice and large frost free upright. Sigh...... Sigh..... Sigh....... Oh well, life is life and things happen. Just another boulder in my path to step around.

Here are today's finished quilts. This is the one I was working on before I got sick. I finished it up and will call the owner today.

These quilts are very time consuming to do. The preprinted lines are for hand quilting and not continuous line. This means lots of stops and starts! Stopping and starting every two or three inches takes lots of time and thread.

The preprinted designs are very pretty though.

People don't know it but these quilts are being done all wrong by everyone cross stitching one of them. The layers were supposed to be put together and basted before the cross stitching is done. These are supposed to be reversible quilts. The cross stitching is supposed to show on both sides and act as part of the quilting. Also, the printed stitching lines are only the guides. There is supposed to be additional stitching done between the printed ones. But.... these are meant for hand stitching instead of machine quilting. Shhhh.... don't tell my customers.

Ok, I finished that one and then did this one. It is gorgeous!! No you won't be able to see the stitching. The owner didn't want the stitching to show and I agree with her reasons.

I used clear thread to stitch in the ditch around the pieces and black thread to meander the back ground. Owner's choice was to keep it looking like an actual stained glass window instead of like a quilt. There isn't any stitching on the pieces. I love this so much I've put it down on my list of future quilts to make. Maybe I can borrow the book. Then again..... maybe I'll get to all my ufos and pigs someday.

I should go answer some emails but I think I need to lay down for awhile again before starting my work day. I'll get to that later.

By the way the baby did fine in daycare. She seemed to know it wasn't Na Na's house and put on a pouty face. That didn't last long though because they had different toys to test out. Na Na will see her this weekend.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

For those who have wondered where I've been..... both the baby and I have been sick with a virus. Just when she had been enrolled in daycare she came down with the virus and couldn't go. Poor little thing didn't understand a stopped up nose.... it was very frightening for her. It was frightening for me to see her choking because she couldn't breath.

It didn't take long for her to learn that the little blue bulb thing for cleaning out her nose actually made her breath better. Pretty soon she would give me a little smile and lay very still each time I used it. She is finally well enough to go to daycare starting on Monday.

I began feeling better Thursday morning. I still feel pretty weak so I'm taking a little extra time to get my strength back before starting to work again. Before I start quilting again I need to figure out where I am with the work. When I'm off my feet for several days I tend to forget where I was before. Thank goodness I write myself notes.

I'm even more thankful for wonderful customers who don't mind when I get so far behind schedule. So now that you know where I've been.... I'm off to the studio to figure out what is urgent and what can wait.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Well dang, I finished two quilts this week but when I went into my photos to post the pictures. Not there. I could swear I took the pictures.... don't know where could they have disappeared?

Well anyway, I have the next top on the machine. Its one of those time consuming cross stitch quilts. Not difficult to quilt, just takes extra, extra time because of all the stops and starts. It should take me about a week to finish it.

I had to take some me time over the weekend. Several things needed my attention so the customer quilts had to wait. I worked outside while the baby wasn't here. I found a nice box to hold my tomato plants while cleaning out a bedroom. I have to make it back into a bedroom instead of a quilt storage room so the other grandkids will have a place to sleep when they visit this summer.

I put up new strings for my vines to grow again this summer.

And I sat to watch the Red Baron fly by. You probably can't tell by the photo but this is one of those old time double wing planes like they had in the early days of flying.... and it's painted red. That's why I call it the Red Baron.

Not much else to talk about today. I'm exhausted from all the moving things around and going up and down a ladder. I'm not used to that much physical activity all at one time. Geeze.... I gotta get myself in better shape!

Organize those fat quarters!

I was reading an ad in a quilt magazine about fat quarter organizer boxes. The boxes were selling for $15.99 each plus the shipping. Granted the boxes were very nicely reinforced with metal strips and sure were pretty.

Being the frugal person I am; I can't see myself paying that much for a cardboard box. Especially if I needed more than one box to store the fat quarters I had in my stash. If I needed 5 boxes that would amount to over $80.00 with the shipping. Heck, that would pay for more fat quarters or yards of fabric for the stash. Or maybe a half tank of gas if I had a car.

I prefer to "use what I have to make do" I've mentioned before that I like to recycle items into new usable items. Cardboard boxes are so much fun to recycle! Especially shoe boxes. They are sturdy and versatile.

Here is what I do with shoe boxes. I prefer to make them look more like "bought" boxes and a little less like shoe containers. I had some left over white paint from painting wood trim so this box will be white.

This is how it looks before.

This is how it looks after painting.

It's a perfect size for my fat quarters. All I need to do is add a label and I have a good alternative to spending money for a cardboard box. Of course you can see some of these are a tad bit over a fat quarter. I didn't buy them as fat quarters, they are left overs from other quilt projects.

Just for the heck of it I thought I would show you another very versatile box for storing items. This one is what my medical supplies arrive in.

This one got painted black. Yes, it is a little rough because I pulled off the labels before painting. Lesson learned.... paint the labels too.

I use this one to store different rolls of tape.