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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yesterday I finished the purple photo quilt top. It's now waiting it's turn on the machine. I then started on a t-shirt quilt and worked on it until about 11 last night. I did stop long enough to make a big pot of chili for supper. Most of it went into the freezer to be used for quick meals as the xmas rush advances. I ate a very small bowl of it... very cautiously. I wasn't sure it would stay down. That; along with a glass of orange juice, gave me some strength. I feel much better today.

I hope to finish the t-shirt quilt top today. I may have to call the owner since it's finishing up much smaller than she wants it to be. It's possible I will have to take it apart and space the t-shirts out more. Or I could add a border.... I'll have to think about it some more.

As I sat last night working; I happen to turn the tv to cspan. I thought it would be just boring enough to keep me from stopping to watch. Movies or evening shows have me stopping to watch and I didn't want to stop working. I never thought cspan would have me glued to the tv like it did last night. No, I didn't watch.... I just listened while I worked; but, my attention was fully on what was being said.

There was some type of economic panel discussion going on in washington. I'm not sure what it was exactly because I tuned in after it had started. Very interesting thoughts were presented by some top advisors on economics and the bail out plan. I learned a lot more from listening to this discussion than all the news reports put together over the last weeks. I'm hoping it will be repeated so I can hear the whole thing.

I'm getting a late start this morning so I won't type-talk more. Work must get done.

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