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Friday, October 10, 2008

A sure sign of winter on the way.... fog and trees changing colors.

I worked all day to finish the t-shirt quilt yesterday. It was supposed to be a double size but when all sewn together it was only a twin. I miss figured somehow. Now I need to take it apart to make it larger. I sure don't like frog stitching and simply adding a border won't do. After realizing that I'd made a big boo boo; I decided it best to put that work aside to do something else. I started cutting the pieces for the next pieced top that must be finished before xmas.
It feels like months since I've worked with my quilting machine when it's really only been a few days.... only a week. Surprising how attached that machine and I have become over the years. My reason for stopping the machine quilting and concentrating on the piecing is like this.... if I run short on time; a customer can give an unquilted top as a gift then bring it back to me later to quilt it. They would be able to see what the gift really is; but, the recipient wouldn't understand a bunch of cut up clothing fabrics in a box.
I like to get the hardest work finished before I get tired from the rush, rush, rush of the season. If the quilts requiring the most work are done; the rest is smooth sailing. Although I do try to balance my time between a concentration quilt and a mindless quilt so I'm not burned out mid-way through the season.
I've another busy day ahead of me........ later.

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