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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I got an email asking if I had ever finished the rug I was working on during the power outage. Yes, I finished it. It's a hit or miss rug. As I usually say.... functional is better than pretty. Although I do think these type rugs are pretty too.

A very dear friend has been concerned that I may be in trouble financially because of all the loss of income lately. Believe me, I can squeeze a dollar so hard it's scream can be heard all the way from Kentucky to California! My thrifty ways have taught me to be a survivor even when there isn't any money. Sure times will be tough for awhile but it's not anything I can't handle. I may complain some but no way am I about to become homeless or go hungry.

I've always been taught to keep an emergency savings. I think the experts tell us to have at least 6 months of living expenses should we suddenly be out of work. I did gamble and spend my emergency funds on energy upgrades. That was a gamble I was willing to take. It will be to my favor in the long run.

A quilting income is always rather iffy. There will be money coming in as fast as I can quilt one month and no work at all next month. After 25 plus years of living with this iffy income I've learned to be very organized about my spending habits. Today I am broke because I've not been working and also because I spent so much on the house. Next week as soon as I get back to my machine there will be money earned.

A major part of my emergency funds is in the form of groceries. Just like one person might put twenty dollars into their savings account.... I will often put the same twenty into canned foods or non-edible items for my grocery stash. But, even if I didn't have a grocery stash..... even if it seems there isn't anything in the house to eat.... I can find a meal or two.

For example: suppose this was all I had in the kitchen.... what can I do with these?

1/2 an onion
2 slices of bologna
a limp piece of celery
a small handful of egg noodles
3 fast food soy sauce packets
a couple of wilted mushrooms
a sprinkling of flour left in the bag
1 bread heal slice

Don't see it? It's bologna, mushroom, egg noodle casserole. (is that spelled right?)

1. boil the egg noodles, remove the noodles but keep the water, it should be about a half cup
2. chop the bologna, celery, onion, and mushrooms up to very small pieces
3. cook these in the egg noodle water, add more water if it cooks away, keep it at about half cup
4. when these are cooked, remove them but keep the water
5. shake the flower from the bag into the water and add the soy sauce, cook this until it becomes a little thick like a gravy. How thick it becomes depends on how much flour you had.
6. When you have a gravy put all the ingredients into a casserole dish and stir
7. crumble the bread heal on top of the casserole, add a little salt and pepper
8. Put under the broiler until the bread crumbs are toasted

Yes, I did just make up the recipe based on what I had in the house. It's not what I actually have. it was to give an example of what is possible. I do have plenty to eat, just can't open my mouth for it yet. I don't remember where I first learned the use what you have technique. Probably from my grandmother. It works every time. It might not always be appetizing but will most certainly fill the stomach.

Lest there are those who might think I'm one of those people who die with a wealth of money stashed in the walls of my house.... I don't. I am thrifty but I do have bills like anyone else. Now I gotta go convince my friend that I'm going to survive.

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