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Sunday, October 19, 2008

I want to thank the people who sent me well wishes the last few days. I read the messages this morning. It made my heart feel good to know there are those who wished me well.

I'm back home after another surgery and bunches more antibiotics by IV. The second surgery was to drain more of the infection from the area. It wasn't drained enough the first time.

I'm on an antibiotic regimine for the next few days and have an appointment in the morning to remove the drain tube.
I have doctor orders to not quilt for a few days. I'm to rest, which is what I would do even without doctor orders. The after effects of anesthesia always keep me in a semi sleep stage for several days before it completely wears off. I'm not going near any machinery until the effects are completly gone and I feel safe to operate it. No sense in me taking a chance on sewing or cutting a finger because I'm not fully aware of what I'm doing.
Since I can't quilt for a few days I'll work on some things that require non-lethal tools. First thing after my appointment tomorrow I'll make phone calls. My jaw and throat are much too sore to talk right now. I need to explain the situation to my customers. I'm sure some of the customers will be willing to give unquilted tops as xmas gifts and bring them back to me in January to finish.
My quilt came back from Innovations. It didn't get any ribbons. Why am I not surprised? Most people want to see a quilt that is so heavily quilted that it can almost stand up by itself. They also want to see the quilting more than the fabrics. I'm different. I like the quilting to be almost invisible so that the actual fabrics and design of the quilt are the showcase. I like using almost perfect matching thread so that the quilting gives texture but doesn't really show other than that. Oh well, there will be other contests and other opportunities to win a ribbon.
I think its time for me to go lay back down.


jhwolf said...

I'm so glad you are now on the road to recovery. You have been in my thoughts and prayers.

Take it easy and I'm sure your quilters will be very understanding of your situation.

Judy in MO

Anonymous said...

So glad you are back home. Now REST and GET FULLY WELL. Quilt makers are usually very kind, good, people. I am sure your customers will understand. A HEALTHY you is what we all are looking forward to.


Sharon said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend. I know what you are saying about heavily quilted quilts. I,like you, like a more subtle look. I think quilting should "enhance" the beautiful fabrics our customers use in their piecing. I was at Innovations & there were several quilts that could stand in the corner! Get good rest!

MommaD said...

Welcome home, Anita!! It's always better to recover in your own bed.

I like quilting the same way you do. I want to see the texture of the quilting, but not so much of the stitching. Do you have a friend who could make the phone calls to your customers? You'll tire easily until you get back on your feet.

Hugs to you,