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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I went back to the doctor yesterday. The drain tube is gone. He said it will take several weeks for the knot on my jaw to go completely away. There will be scaring inside too. I have another appointment for next Monday for follow up.

I'm still not able to open my mouth to eat a proper meal. I'm eating what I can get through a straw. Soups and things like that. I can tell from my clothes that I'm loosing weight.... I can afford to loose a few pounds, yea.

My daughter has been here to help with the house cleaning. I don't know what I would do without her. She plans to come back this weekend to clean and maybe help with window plastic. The trees are still green but cold weather is just around the corner.

Today I'm going to do some priority planning and make phone calls. Phone calls here and there are not too tireing. Thank heavens for wonderful customers! Some will be willing to postpone the quilting of their tops until later. This will help me a great deal. My budget is going to be rather tight for awhile but is something I can live with. I've had to get by on a lot less in years past.

Getting the energy upgrades on the house finished is the best thing I've done in years. The insulation still hasn't been done. It's my fault this time. Who knew I would have surgery right when they had planned to come work? So now I have to wait my turn again.

I'm doing a lot of thinking these days. Thinking is easy when I lay around most of the time. January is usually when I do most of my reorganization and goal setting for the new year. I've been thinking of changes to my blogs and to my webshots. I've been thinking of ways I can change my daily routines. I've been thinking of ways to reorganize for better efficiency in almost everything I do. Everything from grocery shopping, to teaching classes, to playing on the internet.

For a long time I've felt as though I were an expert at thrifty living. I mean really, I have gotten by on only $10 a week for groceries for a long, long time. The economy now has me rethinking my ability. The economy has changed lots of things, including what I'm able to buy with $10.

I'm absolutley sure I can be even more thrifty if I work at it. The main thing that I want to do is share what I know with others. To pass along my knowledge while I still can. I'm sure a lot of what I know is also known by many other people who are my age; but, there are young uns out there who have never been taught to be thrifty. I'm hoping the young uns can benefit from what I put into my helpful hints blog.

Ok, now my thoughts are racing again. Images of blog changes are dancing through my head. Maybe I should go make some notes instead of sitting here type-talking. Or start making a few phone calls.



Becky said...

Good to hear you are the mend. Don't over do it. Can't wait to see the line up quilts you will be working on.

Laurie said...

Hope you feel better soon. I've enjoyed looking at your quilts. Did you finish the rug?