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Saturday, October 25, 2008

If anyone is interested in what my neighborhood is really like..... as far as getting good nutritional foods.... please go to this site. Bridging the gap. It's a pdf file all about the availability of foods in my neighborhood. I live in the west end area. Be careful though, the pdf file is large. It's 52 pages.

You can skip over most of it if you are not inclined to read about the troubles of a neighborhood (go down to about page 10) but pay attention to the maps of what we have in this neighborhood and the pictures of fresh produce available in our neighborhood grocery stores. If you read the articles surrounding the maps and pictures you will see that good nutritional food is non-existent in our area of Jefferson County, Kentucky. In order to find good foods we must travel long distances by city bus to get to the foods we need.

This article is about the problem I've struggled with in my quest to be both frugal and keep myself as healthy as possible. Being frugal and eating healthy in this neighborhood doesn't always work together as you can tell from my frequent illnesses. An hour or two by city bus to the closest really good grocery and carrying only what I can put into a pull cart or carry in my hands at the same time while traveling another hour or two back home on a crowded bus are not always an option.

I do have my daughter who takes me to the grocery on the other side of town when she can; but, between working, going to school, taking care of kids, and only one car in her two car family doesn't alway make it easy for her to take me shopping. Which is why I stock up on as many things as I possibly can in one shopping trip only three or four times a year. And is also the main reason I am so appreciative when a customer brings me fresh fruits or vegetables as tips instead of money. A couple of fresh green peppers, a banana or two, or even a bag of good potatoes given to me by a customer is like a bit of sunshine on a really cloudy day!

One thing that wasn't mentioned in the article is that it's easier to get a bottle of beer or liquor than it is to get a good apple in this neighborhood. A person only need walk a block or two to find alcholol products but it's at least an hour bus ride to find the fresh apples.

Even the farmer's markets mentioned in the article leave a gap. The foods the farmers bring are often the lower quality items that aren't sold to food processing plants and major chain stores. Transportation to the farmer's markets is also by city bus. This makes it hard for many residents to actually get the fresh produce. Those who live within a block or two can manage but bus riders often find it too hard to get there.

Well anyway, I thought maybe some of my blog readers might like a better understanding of why I shop the way I do and why it's so important for me to make the most of what money I have.

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Anonymous said...

Angel Food Ministires offers some fresh fruit packages at local churches. It may be something for you to look into.