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Friday, March 28, 2008

A very short post today. Several days ago the flash drive on my computer went out. I couldn't do anything or post anything. A customer's husband is a computer guy so he worked on it for me. I have my computer back but still have some problems. I have to take some things off of it to make it work because I'm completely out of memory. Looks like I will be taking my quilt business software and EQ6 off along with bunches of photos. The computer guy says I really need a new computer but it's just not in my budget to get one.

I'll try to post Monday about all the things I've done since my computer went out on me. Before something happens to the computer again I need to print off some master copies of my business forms. At least if I can't print them from the computer I will have these and can go to kinkos for copies.

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