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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Do you think I have a future machine quilter in training? Doesn't she look curious? Do I detect a hint of a smile?

This picture looks like she really wants to give the machine a try.... doesn't it? She looks very serious about it.

In my opinion, making adjustments for keeping a little one (while still trying to work) should always include a papoose sling. I can walk around doing things while holding her securely. By the time she is old enough to reach out for things she will be too heavy for the sling and ready for playpen toys. Hmmm.... I wonder if they make sewing machine shaped teething rings? Hee, hee, If I find one..... I could someday tell her she cut her teeth on a sewing machine.


jhwolf said...

Miss Jewell is such a pretty baby and boy is she alert for only a month old. Looks like Grandma is going to have a quilting partner.

I love the papoose sling. Now I can understand your previous post about getting the stabilizing done before Miss Jewell's arrival.

Judy in MO

Alycia said...

Defineatly a quilter in the making! What a great way to take care of baby and work!!