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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Started organizing.... again

Ok, I've gone through a grandchild's birth, a bought with the flu, and working extra hard to get caught up on my quilting work while also including a baby into my daily routine..... now it's time I got back to some organizing! Gee, it's almost Easter, where did the time go?

I have the paint which is the first step. It's time to get started....

No.... wait.... before I can paint I have to remove things from the room. Empty out the office. Hmmm... where to put it?

Leave that for awhile.... take down the fabric being used as temporary curtains.

Also remove the hardware from previous curtains and the mini blinds. Those are so outdated!

Take down what was supposed to be a pulley system for taking photos of quilts. It didn't work as I had hoped.

Patch the millions of holes I've created by previous decorating.

Drag out the ladders and dust off the cob webs from the walls and ceiling.

As I work, I write a list of hardware items I need. Things to fix the windows and closet office doors along with window measurements, floor measurements, etc..... guess what.... it disappears! I must have taken it to another room or something but I've searched all over the place and it's hidden very well. I haven't cleaned out the office yet and there's no where else in the room it could be hiding.

This is what my motivation is for getting organized!! I'm tired of loosing things because they don't have a space in my house to call home. You see the paint pan and rollers from the picture above? I bought those because I couldn't find the ones I already have.

I'm tired of buying things just because I can't find the dozen or so I already own. I'm tired of wanting to use an appliance or something but give up in frustration because I can't find the manual. I'm tired of searching for a special piece of fabric but can't get to it because it's in the box at the bottom of a stack of boxes.

Once and for all.... this year is the year to get the whole house organized! Umm maybe I shouldn't say that.... it might jinx my goal.

I'm not going to buy any organizing items.... I'm only going to use what I already own or can create from recycling. Not going to buy curtains or containers. Not going to search through organizing isles or do any online searches for the "perfect" piece of furniture. Nope.... I'm going to use what I have. My own version of stash busting. After all, if I already have containers then I should bust the container stash first.

Nope.... the only purchases I will be making will be to repair items so they can be used again. More paint is going to be bought. Screws and nails will be bought. Closet door hardware will be bought. Maybe a roll of duct tape and some super glue too.

I may make an exception for a paper filing system. I don't have a file cabinet of any kind and tons and tons of papers to file. I seem to be the family historian when it comes to papers and pictures. Surely I can find a file cabinet or two at a thrift store.

I'm not sure how fast this project will be finished but I will enjoy the process! I love organizing and finding shortcuts to work almost as much as I love quilting.

So with my goals written for all the world to see.... it's time I got started.

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