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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Baby stuff

Making room for baby items in an already crowded studio is not easy. The bed needs a place where it can be stored when not in use.

The only place I can find at the moment is here...

The scrap batting comes out.... the clothing quilt in progress comes out... and the bed goes in.

It's on wheels so it can be pulled out when in use and pushed back when not in use. This is only a temporary solution. I'm in the process of working in another room. As I work in that room I will think of a better place for the bed.

Yesterday I did an online search for Jamie Wallen. I followed a link to get to his site because I really like his artistic talent. I sent an email which brought me a phone call from a friend of his. A very nice person and I really enjoyed talking with him. I wanted to talk longer but I was standing and holding the baby plus it was getting late. I do hope he is reading my blog and will send me the email he promised.

Ok, I'd like to stay here at the computer and type but I must get myself ready for guild meeting and I think I hear Ladybug stirring around ready to get up.

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