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Monday, March 3, 2008

Saturday was a day of quiting lessons for my SIL. As usual her quilt is not finished until the last minute. I helped her finish up the piecing so it can be quilted this week. It's a gift to be given this weekend.

After a day of working on her quilt we went out for dinner and then a stop by the hardware store. I picked up some paint.

I'm finally starting the reorganizing I wanted to do back in January. With a late start I'm not sure how fast I can get this accomplished. I'm actually thinking of making this a longer process and including other things that must be done. After all, I'm not running a race to see how fast I can organize or anything.

I pulled out my "house dreams and wishes" notebook. It is a simple notebook of repairs to do and ideas of wants that I keep together. Sort of a "honey do" list without the honey. I'll keep looking at it as I get items finished.

I also had company over the weekend.....

Mama and papa really needed a full night of sleep so I volunteered to stay up one night. Jewell has her days and nights mixed up. She took a short nap on the cutting table (great place for a pallet) while I sat and admired. Hopefully after a day with granny and very little daytime sleeping things will be better for Mama and Papa.

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Becky said...

AWWWWW, what a cutie!!!