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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wall quilt hanger

I had three small quilts that needed a hanging device for pegboard.  Pegboard is what's used at the fair to hang items in the fine arts department.  A traditional hanging sleeve wouldn't work.  I decided to create something that would allow the quilts to be hung from a single hook.  It's pretty simple to make. 

Hanging device for wall quilts

I figure the volunteers at the fair might not know how to use the device so I wrote them a note.  I put the string near the center of the strips for better balance and to keep the string from being visible above the quilt.

I used strips of cardboard to make the hanging device because it's light weight and sturdy and cheap.   What's really nice about using this system is that if I decide to hang these quilts in my house, it can be done with one nail.  Actually, I would use a command hook so I wouldn't damage the walls.  My daughter used to call me the queen of holes in the wall.  Not anymore.  Not since I found a bunch of command hooks on the discount table a couple of years ago.  I'm now a convert to command products.

I got the idea for the hanging device from looking at some of my old picture frames. 

We had some pretty good ideas back then that are still useful today. 

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