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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Finished quilt

Here's the next quilt finished.  This is my SILs fair entry.  She's a beginner.

I did a leafy feather design on the blocks.

A flower and leaf vine on the sashing and corner stones.

I did a version of the same on the outside border.  I really like this design on sashing and cornerstones.  I think it gives any quilt a bit of elegance even though the flowers are whimsical.

Here's a view of the quilting from the back.  I used a grey thread instead of either red or black.  Red would not show up well on the front and black seemed way to dark for the lighter areas.  Grey worked out really nice for both sides.

Here's the stitching on the outside border.

Here's a view of the sashing and cornerstones from the back.

I spent a day .... ummm.... three days cutting up bunches and bunches of t-shirt scraps.  (left overs from making t-shirt quilts)  I want to make some rag rugs as Christmas gifts this year.  I decided it would be easiest if I had all the strips cut and ready to use. 

I've also been working on making changes to my hints blog.  I want to add more links to the pages.  This required me to look through lots of blog posts, read the content, and make notes. I have over a thousand posts to read through.  I've gotten through about 2 hundred so far.  It's a good thing I don't have a deadline on doing that.  I'd have to throw up my hands and surrender. 

And.... if that wasn't enough busy work for me to do..... I also had to deal with meat eating ants.  Scheese!
Those guys are so tiny I had to use the zoom lense on the camera to take a photo.  They are about the size of  the eye on machine needles. 

Before I can cook anything I have to clean them all up.  Then, often before I get my meals cooked, the little guys are back again looking for any greese popping onto the stove or any run away bits of meat.  Those guys are strange creatures.  They won't touch anything sweet but can be seen making a rush toward any spot of grease.   I usually sprinkle the stove with ground cloves before I start cooking.  This keeps them away until I've finished.  It makes the stove look dirty but the house smells fantastic! 


Judy in MO said...

I have started putting skin so soft around the underside of my cabinet top and anywhere the ants are coming in. They don't like it (I can't really say I do either) but it does stop the intrusion and the smell doesn't last that long. I started doing this on my hummingbird feeders and saw that it made the ants scatter. Something you might try.

Judy in MO

Anonymous said...

Judy where did you find the skin so soft? I was told it was taken off the market and no longer available.

Anita.... forced to post as anonymous

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

I've been battling the little ants too. They try to take over the kitchen every summer when it gets really hot. RAID takes care of them, then I just have to clean up the mess left by that. Sometimes it takes two or three times to get the whole colony, plus spraying along the foundation outside.

lw said...

The other thing that works is boric acid salt. It's harmless to humans (unless you breathe it) and ants won't cross a line of it. You can get it at Home Depot for about $3 for enough to keep ants out for a really long time.

I just love your SIL's quilt-- the pattern is simple, but pretty and the quilting really makes the quilt stand out.

Judy in MO said...

I get it direct from Avon online.


Judy in MO

kathi said...

YOU made your sis's quilt look MOST elegant. i can't quite figure out her "pattern" in the quilt. for a newbie. it looks on the challenging side.. i detest "on point" and some of the things she did. so give her a PAT ON THE BACK.. but yeah. THE QUILTING MAKES IT.

ants.. YE GADSS how i detest them.. i have a lot of ITTY BITTY fruit flies? but NO FRUIT here. they jsut come. and BUG ME.. hmm?

Anonymous said...

My SILs quilt is snowball blocks but only two corners have the corner pieces. The rows are sewn together in flip flop fashion and a sashing strip of matching fabric sewn between the rows.


Anonymous said...

My ant problem is under the stove. I can't move it. I plan to get something organic from the hardware this weekend that I can spray underneath the stove which hopefully will be carried back to the nest. I need something that won't harm a purse dog furkid.