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Monday, August 15, 2011

Power out again

I had taken a photo of my first Morning Glory bloom to post about it.  Normally my porch would be completely filled all over by this time of year and I'd have plenty of shade on the porch.  Not this year.  My vines have struggled to get started.  I was proud to see the first bloom.

Just a few minutes later a storm came through here and knocked it all down.  What you see still hanging won't last too long.  The remaining strings show signs they will fall at any minute.  I won't try re stringing the vines because it's already late in the season.  I'll clean them all up and prepare the beds for new vines next year.

This storm brought down lots more trees again knocking out power to many parts of the city.  I had been working on the computer and was preparing to write a post.  I turned the computer off at the first sound of thunder.  Just seconds later is when the storm happened and my power went out almost immediately.  The wind of this storm was reported to be around 60 to 75 miles an hour.

I got out my power outage supplies and settled down for an evening of reading.  I had something to munch on while I read.  My battery operated tv and radio were for getting updates on the weather every few minutes.

I read half the book before bedtime.  Still no power.  Thank goodness it wasn't terribly hot as it has been the last few weeks.   The power went out around 6 pm Saturday evening and came back on around noon today.  Today was supposed to be the first day of School here.  Instead, the kids got their first weather related out of school day.  Many of the schools did have power but with so many traffic lights not working it wasn't safe for traveling school buses.  Also, many neighborhood roads have trees down on them which would make it hard for school buses to get through and pick up kids.

A power outage sure does put a cramp in working out blog problems.  If your new to reading my blog you probably don't know that we have lots of problems with power outages here.  Sometimes it's days before power is restored.  I keep power outage related things handy.  More now than anytime I can remember in the past.

On more than one occasion I've lost all the food in my freezer due to power outages that lasted for many days.  This time I'm happy to say nothing was lost.   I want to say thank you to all those who commented the last couple of days.  Sorry I couldn't let you know what had happened.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us know you are okay. We had storms run through this area on Saturday evening, too. Terrific winds, rain blowing sideways, thunder and lightening. No power outages, tho and it did bring cooler temperatures which are welcome! Poor plants have been struggling to survive this year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,

Yeah, I hear a lot of folks talking about struggling plants. Makes me wonder what the cost of food will be this winter.

Anita still posting as anonymous

Dora, the Quilter said...

Glad your power is back on and you are undamaged. (I have morning glories that sat there all summer doing nothing, but now they're growing and I'm hoping they can bloom before it frosts.)
Do you have a treadle sewing machine so you can make quilts without electric power? (That's the reason I have treadles. Ironically, we don't lose power nearly so often now that I can keep right on sewing!)

lw said...

I'm glad you made it through the storm without losing your freezer.

It's a shame about the morning glories. I never did have any luck with them. One year I bought two packets, and I sanded the seeds and then soaked them before I planted. Nothing came up, but a few weeks later several of my neighbors had them growing in their yards. I think the birds ate them and then "left" them on the neighbor's yards.

Anita said...

Dora, yes I have a treadle machine for when the power is out. Unfortunately it's not put together right now. I took it apart in order to repair the cabinet and haven't finished it yet. The pieces that hold the machine in place needed repair.

Anita said...

lw, that's too funny. I usually don't have to plant the seeds, they reseed themselves each year. I only replanted this year because I made a new box for them which meant last year's seeds were not there anymore. I was hoping to have blooms so they would reseed before fall.

Joan J said...

Hey, Anita. Glad your power is back on. I thought I'd share a suggestion for your freezer. I put bottles of water (milk jugs, OJ containers, etc.) in empty spaces in my freezer as they fit. That way if the power goes out, your food is "on ice" and the interior of the freezer will stay cold that much longer. Last year I got the food in my freezer to stay frozen solid for about 72 hours during a power outage, and then very cold for several days after that. Hope this helps!

Anita said...

Joan, I knew this could be done but hadn't really thought about doing it. Thank you for reminding me.