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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Christmas rugs

 Anyone who has been reading my blog for a long time knows I'm almost as excited by rugs as I am by quilts.  I want to make some rag rugs as Christmas gifts this year.  It's been way too long since I made a rug.  I've been thinking about the easiest and fastest way for me to create the rugs.  It occurred to me that every type of rug I make starts with strips of fabrics.  Sound familiar?  This is the same thing that's true for making quilts.  Many quilt designs start with strips which are then cut to shapes.   I also wanted to use up the many t-shirt fabric scraps I have taking up space in my storage.  I pulled out a bunch and started cutting strips.

I kept repeating to myself..... use it or loose it.  I will either use the scraps or I'll get rid of them.  I pulled out more t-shirt fabrics to cut strips.

Every type rug I make uses the same size strip.  Whether I make braided, woven, twained, crochet, knitted, shag, or other rug making technique, I always start with 1 1/2 inch strips.  So I pulled out more scrap t-shirt fabric and cut more strips. 

Ok, about now (two full days later) I'm getting pretty tired of cutting fabric strips.  But I keep going because I know I'm going to need all that I can cut.  Providing I have the time needed to get all the rugs made.  I pull out even more t-shirt fabric scraps and cut more strips.

Eventually, (three full days) I get all the t-shirt scraps cut into strips.  Aren't the colors pretty?

Even the box of whites look pretty.  I can see a white and cream color rug in there, can you?  Well, at least that's what my friend Martha is hoping for this year, a white and cream color rug.  Shhhhh.... don't tell her I plan to make her one.

When all the seams and hems are cut away (and the strips cut) the fabric takes up far less room in my storage.  I had a small garbage bag full of cut away parts.  At first I was tempted to hang onto those and possibly make a latch hook rug but then I came to my senses.  I let them go straight out to the garbage can for pickup.  I have enough scraps for my rugs.  If I find I'm going to run out of t-shirt fabrics I'll start cutting up some of my scrap quilt cottons.  Those make good rugs too. 

How about you?  Have you started your Christmas crafts yet? 


kathi said...

HOLY JAMOLES!!! that is a LOT of cut up t shirts. and all from LEFT OVERS.. WOW. YOU are AMAZING. now. just HOW does one MAKE rugs from this? hmmm? got me thinking. NO NO. ENOUGH things on my "to do" list. but HMMMMMM.. yes VERY PRETTY seeing the PILE OF STUFF all READY. WOWWW.

Anonymous said...

I make all kinds of rugs from strips. Every time I make a rug I start by cutting 1 1/2 inch strips. I figured I'd save some time by having the strips already cut. (smile) I'm going to do some "how to" posts as I make Christmas rugs.