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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm here

After type-talking my anger at all the foolishness in DC the other day; I stepped back and immersed myself into something creative.  This is the last of my fair entries for this year.  I made the portrait at the bottom of the photo first.  It somehow got distorted during the enlarging so that nothing was lining up right.  I don't have time to start all over with it.  I decided it would be faster to simply create a new portrait with only one pattern and one fabric.  That's the one at the top of the photo.

The portrait is going on the machine tomorrow and then I'll finish all the bindings and the hanging sleeves.  I received the entry tags in the mail today which means I needed to speed up in order to get everything finished. 

While being creative I've also been doing a lot of thinking.  (I know that's dangerous.)  It seems like everyone, everywhere is thinking about budgets lately.  Cutting back or going back to basics seems to be the top buzz words seen all around the internet and in every type of social media.  I'm thinking about my own budget these days too.  But, my thoughts are more about being creative while living on a tight budget.  I keep thinking of things to do and things to stock up; but, really what I need is to reevaluate all of that.  

I keep thinking about my Grandma Mama and what she would think about all the hoopla going on in DC.  Maybe I should write a post or two about my Grandma Mama to get me away from thinking about the bad economy and the idiots who seem bent on scaring us.  Just as soon as I finish the fair entry quilts I'll tell you how my Grandma Mama knew what chores to do everyday and what meals to fix...... without a single list in sight. 

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