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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Still here

I don't want anyone to think I've been whisked away by the fabric fairies and taken to magic quilt land.  I'm still here.  I've been busy working on the last fair entry.  I did the portrait at the bottom of the picture first but have decided not to continue it.  The pattern got distorted when enlarging it and nothing is lining up right.  There simply wasn't enough time to start over. 

I decided to take a short cut and create another portrait pattern that I could get done much faster.  Instead of 6 fabrics and 6 sets of pattern pieces, I made the one at the top of the picture.  It has only one pattern for one fabric.  This one goes on the machine tomorrow and then I'll do the binding on all of them.  I got the tags in the mail today.... a reminder to "get em done"!  I'll get back to my regular quilting and blogging soon.


lw said...

Wow-- I love these!!!

kathi said...

i LOVE the top one. it is almost ladybug in her crib, yet NOT. inspiration please? actually i PREFER it to the bottom one. can't WAIT to see the FINISHED quilt. WOW.