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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Every once in awhile I find a break in my quilting schedule that allows me to clean up my studio.  I move things and take stock of what I have.  My machine also needs a regular maintenance in order for it to stay in top shape for daily use. 

If I'm not careful the dust bunnies take over my space.  Well, having a couple of days leeway with my quilting schedule this week means I can clear out the accumulation of dust bunnies.  See them on the frame? 

I took the time I needed to clean.  A clean space just feels different.  It feels.... um..... energetic.  Back when my daughter still lived at home I could always get her to cook dinner by cleaning the kitchen.  There was something about a clean kitchen that got her in the mood to cook.  She never cleaned up the kitchen when she was finished cooking but that was ok.  If she cooked I would clean up.  That's how I feel about a clean studio.  It energizes me to be creative.

So I moved everything and cleaned everything.  I even did maintenance on my machine.  Yuck, it really needed cleaning.  I don't like for it to get that dirty.   It's not good for the machine.

I'm waiting on a batting order before I can work on the next quilt.  It should arrive today or tomorrow.  Until the batting arrives I can continue with my cleaning.


kathi said...

GOOD JOB. you just REMINDED ME that it is WAY PAST TIME to CLEAN the studio. the machine, and INSTALL those red snappers i HAD to have, back in January.. oopsies. I"m almost AFRAID to "pop open" the machine.. it's been a while.. giggle.

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Wanna come do mine next???

Anonymous said...

Sure. I'll go clean yours if you'll provide the transportation. (smile)


Anonymous said...

Kathi, pretend the popping open is the sound of a beer being opened.