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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Closing down this blog

I've been working with my computer.  I

Years ago, when I first started blogging, it was easier to have more than one blog for different topics.  Now that blogger has added "pages" it's better to keep everything together in only one blog.  I've been checking out different browsers and I've looked into using WordPress instead of Blogger.  

I like the way WordPress works.  I don't plan on moving over there yet though.  Maybe I will eventually but for now I'm staying with blogger.  What I do plan on doing is combining my three blogs into only one.  As soon as I'm confident about moving everything I'll be moving the posts from this blog over to my other blog and closing this one down.  I'm not sure how the moving blog posts gadget works yet.  I have to try it to see if I can make it work for me.  Just in case I do something wrong it might be a good idea for those who follow this blog to pop over to the other one and sign up as a follower over there.  (If you still want to be a follower.)    With all the problems I've had lately I wouldn't blame anyone for not following anymore.

I'm really, really hoping to improve my blog so it's more reader friendly.  More writer friendly too.  I don't want it to continue looking like a jumbled mass of past posts.  I'm working very hard to "learn as I go" and create a place where a visitor can find what they are looking for right away without having to weed through tons of past posts.  

This will the the last post for this blog.  I sincerely hope you decide to join me over at my other blog.

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