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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yea! The work crew came back to finish the work on the furnace. Here is where the access is to the basement. It's in a closet which is usually full of quilting stuff.

The only way to get into the basement is by first putting a stepladder down inside, open it so it's safe to stand on, then go through the narrow opening. Opening the ladder requires a person to lay on the floor while holding the ladder to open it. A tricky move if you think about it. What if a person looses grip on the ladder and it falls to the basement floor?

While the workmen were at lunch I took an opportunity to take a photo or two of the basement. I'm not going down there! I reached down with the camera. The basement is brick all around. This is where the old doorway used to be.... before an addition was put on the house.

There is even a concrete floor down there. Oh how I wish I could afford to have a stairway made to this ideal storage place! That one red brick in the wall has me very curious. Why would someone paint one single brick a bright red color? Could there be a treasure behind it?

There are lots of creepy crawly nests down there but it would be such a nice place to put home canned foods, extra batting, garden tools, and lots of other stuff if it were cleaned up. It would also be very nice to run to the basement if there is a tornado warning. Oh well, wishes don't get things done. Hard work and patience does.
Here is the new ductwork added to the furnace. Nice and clean now; but wait a few weeks and I'm sure some of the creepy crawlies will find it useful.

This is the new vent from the new duct line. It's made to split the air flow so it goes toward each bedroom on the sides.

This is the new higher vent pipe from the furnace. It had to be made two and a half feet taller than it was before. Something about more "draw" of air to go with the new added air intake vents inside. Well anyway it's supposed to make my furnace much more energy efficient.

This is the new dryer vent system. You can't see it but there is a new closeable vent in the wall too. It closes when the dryer is not being used.
I'm not moving the dryer to take a picture. It would be impossible for me to do alone and I'm not calling a neighbor just for a picture.

I left a message with my home owner insurance company about the loss of all my foods. Evidently they are either flooded with calls or they haven't gotten up and running again. If I don't hear from them in a couple of days I will call again.

I've got the next quilt stabelized and working on the designs. I hope to get most of it finished today or tomorrow. It's actually due tomorrow so it is possible I can finish it on time.

The baby is finally back at day care. I'm sure she is happy to see her playmates again.

I best get back into the studio and get more work finished. Breaktime is over.

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