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Saturday, September 13, 2008

I didn't get the current quilt finished. I had several interruptions and a mental block about what to quilt on it. But anyway, this is what got finished on the energy up grades. The new vent above the doors. It couldn't be centered above the door because of the wall studs. The place where I used to change the filter is now closed up.

These are the new filter vents. I now have to keep a stock of two different size filters instead of one size as before. Those have been put on my shopping list. It couldn't be made into only one size because of the wall studs again.

To change the filters now will require me to get the step ladder from storage, change them, and return the ladder to storage. I'm not sure that's a good idea for a senior citizen getting older. At what point will it be too dangerous for me to climb a ladder? Hopefully not for several more years!

Today I will take measurements and make up the list of the hardware I need for my window quilts. I'll keep the list handy just in case I get the opportunity to go to the hardware store unexpectedly. If I have all the necessary stuff here and ready to use; I can install each window quilt as I get the chance to make it. I really want to make pretty artistic ones. For now though, its more important the quilts are functional than artistic.

I saw on tv all the madness of the gas prices yesterday here in Kentucky. For heaven's sake.... raising prices based on anticipation is just wrong! To raise gas prices a dollar or more a gallon overnight.... and the hurricane hadn't even made it to shore yet.... is just plain crazy. I thought it very interesting that within an hour after the Govenor's news conference (and his intention to prosecute price gougers) that the price of gas suddenly dropped all over town. I sure hope the Governor follows through on his promise to prosecute those who gouged the price! If he doesn't follow through on this then I sure won't vote for him in the next election.

Why does the price of gas concern me when I don't have a car? Well, it will effect my customers of course. Which means it will effect me too. In fact, I'll get a double whammy over the price of gas. Some customers will not get their quilts done because of their tighter budget. At the same time I'll be concerned with my own budget problems.

My utilitiy costs have gone up already... in anticipation again.... of the expected cost of heating this winter. I received my new utility equal payment amount a couple of days ago. My increase was about 150 dollars more a month than before. If I remember right, LG&E is due to get another increase next month too. I'm not sure if that raise is already figured in my payment plan or not. For me to be paying over 300 a month for utilities for a small house like this is a big strain on my income.

The changes I've made to make my home more energy efficient are.... as much for my customers as they are for me. It's going to be a delicate balancing act for me to control my operating costs so I don't have to pass it along to my customers.

Oops! I just noticed the time. I have to get my day started.

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