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Thursday, September 11, 2008

No finished quilt today. I got down to the last two blocks last night when I had to call it a day. Tuesday was spent at the hospital with my brother again. This time the kidney stone would not go away. He had to have the iv drip of medication to break it apart.

Yesterday the plumber was here to put in my new water heater and bathroom sink and toilet. He did a few other touch up plumbing things too. A new energy efficient heater should help keep my gas bill low.

It says it's a total performance. We shall see.

Well naturally; when one thing is changed it brings forth other things that must be done too. The doors that I have can no longer be used to close this closet. KY State code says the doors must be louvered instead of solid. Something about the air requirements for the appliances. So I guess another shopping trip at the hardware store is in my future. Distance future because I need to save up the money.

The insulation guys will be here tomorrow which means I must spend part of today moving things around so they can get to the access places for the attic and basement. I sure do hate moving things around. Things get lost when I start moving stuff.

I have a couple of VIP tops with short deadlines that must get finished in the next few days. It seems that the hurrier I go.... the more the work piles up on me. I seem to get more interruptions when I'm extremely busy. No telling when I will get around to working on window quilts. I really should have them finished and installed before cold weather gets here; but, when I will actually have the time to make them.

Well, I'm procrastinating. It's really time to get started with the work. Later.....

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