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Friday, July 1, 2011

Another finished

This quilt is the one I had finished a couple of days ago before the neighborhood drama.  The items on the blocks are to represent each grand child of the owner.  With 4 blocks left blank for future grands.  Because the items were so varied in shape, I decided to do meandering.  Yes, I do use meandering quite a bit.  I like it for versatility.  I could do many different background fillers but meandering requires less mental planning for going around things.  I did the binding by wrapping the backing over the front. 

On the outside border I did a feather and leaf design.  The feathers and leaves flip flop from side to side.  I used monofiliment thread to give the design a bit of shine and at the same time not distract from the grand kid blocks.  I didn't want to use a black thread because the owner didn't want black thread on the back.  I couldn't use one color in the front and one in the back because then there would be a polka dot design on the back.  It's almost impossible to balance the tensions perfectly enough to prevent polka dots.

Here's a look at one of the blocks with a meandering background.

I know it's hard to see the sashing stitching but it's a leaf design.  You may be able to see it better if you click the photo to make it larger.

Here's a look at the sashing design from the back.

Here's a look at the border design from the back too.

Another look at the sashing design.

I feel much better today.  I do get frustrated with my neighborhood at times and really wish I could move away.  Then, after I think about things, I realize that no neighborhood is truly safe from crime.  Heck, I see the news everyday, there is crime everywhere.  Even rural areas have meth labs, pot growing, robberies, and murders.  Burglary happens everywhere.  Thieves break into houses in the country the same as the city.  Thieves target businesses as well as boats on the river.  In all honesty, we are not even safe from crime in our own homes by way of our computers.  Cyber crimes are just as bad as in person crimes.

Crime just seems to be more noticeable in the city because there is more people in the city.  My neighborhood is more concentrated with unemployed individuals so the crime rate is higher.  I guess what I'm saying is that I live here and this has been my home for many years.  I've watched kids grow up and have kids.  I watched those kids grow up and now they have kids too.  Everyone knows me and I know most of them.  If I moved someplace else no one would know me and I'd be sort of alone.  I may get frustrated again and rant on my blog about it but.... here is where I live and here is where I plan to stay until the time when I can't live alone anymore.

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