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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Very intense

You want to see a tiny bit of what I saw last night?

I had my hand holding the camera just outside the door while all this was going on.  I stopped filming when it got much more intense and moved away from there.  We had already lost power so I sat in the dark watching the light show a distance away from the windows.  Normally thunder and lightening don't bother me but last night was a little too much.  Very intense and loud.

This morning the signs of the storm are everywhere.  Trees down and leaves all over the place.  Now that the power is back on I'm getting onto the quilting machine before it gets hot again.  I probably have a couple of hours or so before the temperature starts to rise again.  I was lucky, only one small branch came down.

A neighbor behind me lost a tree.

Leaves scattered across the roof.

Leaves scattered in the yard and street.

Another tree down at the end of the block.

What knocked out the power was a large tree down a couple of blocks away.  Not the one in the photo.  The tree brought the power lines down when it fell.  The tree fell right at the beginning of the storm which is why I sat in the dark through most of the storm.  We usually have a long wait before power is restored.  It wasn't too bad this time.  Just about 12 hours is all.


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Don't need storms like that too often. Glad you're safe and sound. No storms here, just hot, hot, hot and very humid. The one who invented AC didn't get paid nearly enough!!

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow never experienced a storm
like that before. thanks for shareing