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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Last night

You want to see what I saw last night?  This started right about eleven last night.  We had just lost power from a tree coming down across a power line a couple of blocks away.

This was about an hour later.

It was about 2 am when the lightning and thunder moved far enough away that it wouldn't disturb my sleep.  The storm was very slow moving and very intense.  I took the videos by holding the camera just outside the door while I stayed inside.  Now that we have power again I'm going to get some work done on some fair entry quilts.  12 hours without power wasn't too bad for my area.  Usually it's much longer.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you're OK.Worry about you when you don't post as often as you used to. I know, you're busy and I need to get off this computer and get things done, too, :>} We desperately need rain here but can do without the lightening and thunder. It takes a long time to get the power company to get the power going again here, too. The maddening part is when they don't do it right the first time and have to come back in a couple of days. Glad when the temps go down...the high 80's next week are looking good!!! N