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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nervous wreck update

After the dust settled, and the sun came up, I walked into my backyard to look at my little box gardens.  Right inside the gate I found some of my neighbor's things the burglars had dropped.  Two bags of items were recovered.  One burglar went out the front door and one went out the back way.  To take this photo, I'm standing where the burglar was standing when the shots were fired.  Notice the car in the lot?  That car belongs to the man that lives directly behind me across the alley.

Take a closer look at the car window.  You see that little spot on it?  Well, the homeowner from next door had walked through the lot, on that side of my house, looking for the burglar that went out the back.  The homeowner was standing just beyond the car looking at his house. 

Here's a look from the other direction at where the burglar was standing when the shots were fired.  The burglar was standing under the little window when the neighbor saw him.  My bed is next to the windows on the right.  The homeowner fired one shot at the burglar.  The burglar fired two shots back with one of the guns he had just stolen. 

Here's a closer look at the car window. 

Ok, here's a closer look at where the two bullets struck the car.  It's hard to see it but there are actually two marks in front of the hole. 

Ok, just looking at the pictures, it doesn't seem so bad but think about this.  The homeowner fired at the burglar in the direction of my house.  We don't know where that bullet went.  We never found a hole.  It might have landed on my roof.  BUT.... his bullet could just as easily have gone through my bedroom window instead of someplace else.  Now do you see why I felt so nervous?  That's how close I came to being shot in my own bed minding my own business.   

It's one thing to hear gunshots around the neighborhood and quite another thing to know the shots could have killed me..... or Ladybug if she had been here.   As Kathi said to me, and I agree, it's only going to get worse as the economy gets worse. 

I've spent the whole day wandering around trying to shake the feelings.  I work at something then change to something else all day.  I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

"They" say a miss is a as good as a mile, but that was a little too close. It just goes to show that no one is safe in their own beds anymore...to many people willing to steal and kill to support their habits instead of learning to make do with what they have. I remember when we left our door unlocked all the time...whether it was leaving for the day or overnight. I wouldn't dream of doing that now....too many people in the neighborhood with a rep for sticky fingers. Times do change, but we can't live in a bunker either.