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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Sorry to have been AWOL for so long.  I've been really busy working on a ME project but first here is a customer quilt finished.
A nice Christmas quilt done.  

Simple stitch in the ditch around the characters and the words.

Simple lines on the sashing.

Holly leaves on the inside border.

Lines inside the holly leaf applique.

Stars on the inside border and holly leaves on the outside border.

More holly leaves on the inside border.

Ok, this is what has kept me away from the computer the last few days.  It's my fair entry for this year.  The piecing is finished but I have another customer quilt to get finished before I can quilt this one. 

Along with this quilt I have two more to have finished in two weeks.  One hasn't been started yet.  It's another one of mine.  The other is my SIL's quilt she started a year ago and just finished piecing last week.

I'll share photos when I finish the quilting.

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