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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Computer woes..... again (sigh)

If you have sent me an email but haven't received a reply this is the reason.  See the MAILER DAEMON messages?  That's outgoing emails bounced back to me.

Ok, the problem is usually stated in the M-D messages.  So I open a couple to find this.  Apparently my outgoing emails have some type of spam attached to them.  Or maybe ATT is having issues again. 

This computer stuff is really getting irritating!!@  I've been running spy ware and fix ware type programs which take about 3 hours each.  Hopefully, I'll get it working again but first I'm going to wait to see if the problem fixes itself.  Maybe ATT is aware of the problem already.   If you are waiting for an email I'll answer as soon as I'm able.

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